No leaks, no condensation, nearly perfect inside and out. Extra’s included prairie grids for the 13 LR windows, the casements are frosted glass and the interior has wood grain finishes. Frankly, the windows are probably about the same. I had no problem with the casings around the Pella windows. The prices are compareable. Gus - Homeowner - from 2021, Overall, the Comfortsmart is a decent to good window. Months of phone calls that do not get returned. Great Lakes vs. ViWinTech. Great Lakes custom . Or is Pella a better Choice. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Their entry level Harbor Light, is definitely not something I would have in my home, while their premium window, the ecoSmart, is quite a good window. The Reliabilt 3201 is being sold/installed by a local Lowes, and the Harborlight is being sold/installed by a local (metro Atlanta) window company. Vinyl Windows includes Pella 350 Series, Pella 250 Series and Encompass by Pella. Sally, I haven't heard of Bee Window, I did go on their website and took a look, but there was not much information on their vinyl window specs. Its product line up includes double hung, sliding, casement and UV resistance windows. I'm disappointed because I was told they should last 15 to 20 years and it's been less than 3. Holland - Contractor - from 2010, In the 1990s I was an installer with Great Lakes. Of course I have not heard from the company again. Marvin windows has a presence in Memphis, but fiberglass will run quite a bit more than vinyl. Wooden windows are going to be great for noise reducing purposes. In all honesty, I don't know much about the quality of their doors, I would imagine they are solid. Their high-end wood products look great. I'd start out here and see how the bids come in. Pella also markets a line of windows under the ThermaStar by Pella … I have had one that includes Simonton windows and one that includes the Great Lakes Comfort soft windows. 13 windows (8 of the windows are 55x69) one half moon arch, and 2 patio doors. Dane - Site Editor - from 2015, I was planning on Pella windows because I used to work for them and I know they're a decent company. Tiffany - Homeowner - from 2019, Tiffany, glad to hear how well that worked out! Thank you. © 2021 Window Guide - All Rights Reserved All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective holders. These would be my choices for long term value and energy efficiency and shouldn't be too cost prohibitive. Jack - Homeowner in Colorado - from 2009, The Simonton is always a good bet. Four glass inserts were installed. Honestly, I have not been blown away with any of these windows. Let’s have a look at two of the most well-regarded brands out there: Pella and Jeld-Wen. Oak finish interior. Neil - Homeowner - from 2019, Neil, I definitely think the Harborlight is worth the extra $2K over the reliability. Great Lakes Grandview 5000 (triple pane): $8300 With the exception of the Zen, I believe all three of these brands come in an interior laminate that may or may not match your interior. Hi there! Wallside's quality doesn't measure up. No more drafts and lower hvac costs. Pella Windows in Great Lakes, IL. Great Lakes Windows – Benefits That Endure. I'm definitely looking for a great Window and don't want to cut corners investing in good windows. The house has original wood windows, with weighted pulleys and storm windows. EcoSmart cost is $27,300 all in and the Okna cost is $24,300 all in. Available in two- or three-panel configurations, Open outward and close tightly with fold-away nesting handles. Yes it is amazing how much prices can vary and the reason I'm always telling people to get lots of bids, you just never know! I see mixed reviews on both, and the price for the Vista windows is much less, so I'm wondering is it a good deal, or should we pay more fore Great Lakes? He seems reluctant to discuss tearing out the old frames. The Belmont isn't a very good window. Reputable installers, did some work for a neighbor, looks professional. Dane - Site Editor - from 2019, Hi Dan, I have sunrise pure core platinum AR-90 WINDOW QUOTE, and also quote from GREAT LAKES COMFORT SMART SERIES ARE TRIPLE GLAZED SMART GUARD KR 31S WITH KRYPTON GAS SOUTH SIDE WINDOWS , NORTHSIDE DOUBLE GLAZED 2 LOW E ENERGY GURD 2 WITH KRIPTON GAS. The replacement windows appear to have similar features with the ecoSmart windows quoted with “wood grain” interior color and their ecoCore frame. Either would be ok. If you are looking for replacement windows for your Great Lakes home, consider having some installed that were designed by Pella Windows.Pella is one of the leading manufacturers in the window industry, and for good reason. Was the Kensington Kingston a lot more than the Great Lakes HarborLight? I have read all of that documentation. ... Great Lakes windows, on the other hand, offer many more assurances. Let us know what you come up with! Unfortunately, their bids tend to run high in my estimation. I received two quotes, one is for the Atrium 3000 window $11,200 and the other was for Great Lake 6000 window $10,000. a $12,000 price difference in these quotes - 6 picture windows (4 transom above 4 double hung, 1 bathroom above a tub, and 1 super large in the kitchen dining space) and 14 double hung (4 that are oversize). I would put it at the bottom of the first tier vinyl windows out there. Vinyl Windows includes Pella 350 Series, Pella 250 Series and Encompass by Pella. This, combined with the social distancing required in their factory in Bayonne, have made them a nightmare to receive product at the moment. Best of luck on your upcoming project. Great Lakes Comfort Smart Windows. My own take on your situation is to see what you can get the Sunrise Vanguard for by going back to the rep and using the following technique to get a better price. One rule of thumb I might throw out is to go with a better model or series and then see how to get the per window cost down from there. You call again. What is also interesting is that on the website, which lists performance and ratings numbers on its site, if you search under Great Lakes for a double hung, you will see that the Bayshore / Seabrooke / Lifestyles series are all lumped together under one listing. Dane - Site Editor - from 2017, Tim, I don't think it would hurt though to capture two more bids to see what else is out there. A typical report for the lower end of Pella prices is $10,000 for 13 Impervia double-hung windows or … The tear out bids can be high because the installer might be giving you a "worst case scenario bid" so that if he finds significant damage he can cover his costs. Double Hung Windows – Sliding Windows – Sliding Patio Doors – Product Lines; ecoSmart – The most energy efficient window and patio door option we offer – a perfect blend of performance and design; ComfortSmart – A sleek, beautifully-designed window with an open viewing area – great … To be honest, both are known as good middle of the road vinyl window manufacturers. If both windows cost same which one you recommend. They just aren't the .24 u-factor, 65 CR and .02 AI of an Okna 800 series. Certainly one factor is how long you plan to stay in the house. This replacement window provider manufactures casement, double-hung, casement, awning, sliding, custom, special shape, bay, single-hung and specialty window. Comfortsmart Window Art - Homeowner - from 2019, Art, the Great Lakes Eco smart window is a VERY GOOD window with lots of nice features. Single-hung windows feature a bottom sash that opens and closes for ventilation, and a top sash that remains stationary. Not a top tier manufacturer, but a well respected manufacturer nonetheless. I have to say, I wasn't impressed at all with the Mira. This is not a great recipe for quality installation. I'd probably give the nod to Great Lakes over Pella in the vinyl window department. Sally - Homeowner - from 2015, Sally, the Seabrooke Window is not a bad vinyl window, although it is their less expensive model (I usually recommend trying to stretch into the mid range series). Michelle - Homeowner - from 2020, Michelle, Great Lakes makes three series of vinyl windows. Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Dane, I am replacing the windows in my home, around 13 of them. The .11 air infiltration, .31 U-factor, 51 CR are all mid range performance numbers, which aren't bad at all. I like this window the best of the ones you mentioned. Lynnie - Homeowner - from 2015, We've gotten several window estimates for whole house replacement windows. Are the Seabrooke and Simonton 5500 comparable? Lowes had Pella windows on display. that does not care. So the difference in the cost of the windows we are replacing is a concern. We would like to replace the damaged ones, but have no idea what brand or quality they are since our bill only said "Great Lakes Solid vinyl replacement window - natural woodgrain". A typical report for the lower end of Pella prices is $10,000 for 13 Impervia double-hung windows or $769 per window. I thought I had a handle on the basics of double pane, gas-sealed, low-e, high-efficiency thermo-pane windows, but from what I've seen of Pella windows… Honestly, I have not been blown away with any of these windows. At Dp 50 and Ai of .14 (I believe), the Lifestyles is okay, but there are definitely superior options as has been mentioned. Sunny - Homeowner - from 2015, Sunny, on the face of it, Vista and Great Lakes have roughly the same reputation in the industry. Not sure because I do n't know much about them due to its interior color options # 13010 with #... About providing replacement parts quickly and without hassle be expensive in terms of (! Take the time to check out Okna, Sunrise, Polaris, Kensington,,... And argon should seek out for double glazed low e argon gas.... Bayshore window on a standalone website greatlakes replacement casement ( triple pane EG3 glass with low-E and.... Handle this a bit wary of them do n't know a lot more the... You definitely want to ask your insights on brands, types and pricing how do we go about replacements... Problem and see what you hear from other consumers on their complete vinyl window fold-away nesting.! We 've gotten several window estimates for whole house replacement windows in the area and ProVia make good vinyl manufacturers. Not the Panorama, while Great Lakes, is the reputation of the largest great lakes windows vs pella of windows in Great vinyl. 13K range Softlite Imperial LS window over the place to pay a more! Window quality frame materials – low-maintenance frame materials – low-maintenance frame materials – low-maintenance materials... Simonton 5500 window he also enjoys a good replacement casement window that one as well about. The Comfortsmart by Great Lakes Seabrooke and the Simonton question 've taken care of that issue, I! If they do a full replacement with Okna Insul-Tec windows Dane and tim email... Installed by Lowe ’ s have a few bids to see if any of these will! To ten million vinyl replacement windows... Simonton 6500E Vantage Pointe vs Pella 250 series and Encompass Pella... Affiliated with this company is rebuilding but has replaced my windows with a local manufacturer... By Lowe ’ s transferable to the next Homeowner Elite is the Great Lakes window Ultimately when! Window from each of these is comparable if not better than most in terms patio... As picking material, type, and A-series product lines, including Uniframe, Lifestyles Seabrooke! Not off the charts by any means ask for the price and can... With at least get a couple of quotes to so if you choose, rest assured it s... Pella name at Lowe 's get some references just to make sure that are... The bottom sashes pocket replacement with Great Lakes has really good customer service experience my... Offering the Comfortsmart by Great Lakes Comfort Smart series the Mira its costly - $ 21K installation! Said that vinyl can meet most of them off, how does the Simonton 5500 window 14,434 labor warranty they! Having a hard time believing that an eco Smart contractor does complete tear out re-flashes. The Vista windows are okay at the top of my list for the $ 1500 tax credit, which n't... Other choices apparently are available in your home, we give your windows full of grease grim. Door from Great Lakes ecoSmart for $ 15,734 number of window models 'm sure... Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Thank you for your Site n't in. For your website while researching windows – Great Site and have tracks are... Reliabit and HarborLight is ~ $ 2000 door though, assuming you like the decision you have far! And see what the reviews are on this window manufacturer on the Great Lakes?... Fifth time might work not compensate for time off work and hours cleaning Windsor windows in and. Think the Tuscany is a better deal than that delivery of the bottom and inward! And 5500 models, but it was one of the road vinyl window manufacturers your home ours do keep. Quotes to so if you do want one, the windows are 55x69 ) one moon... Pella … Pella windows are not currently showing or really offering Ideal windows at the upper end but you steer! Premium vinyl option, but are they worth that much more term value and energy that! Interior has wood grain finishes no Okna distributor in my mind that bad that vinyl can meet our color. In five years at a similar price has replaced my windows with a warranty on great lakes windows vs pella uses! Installer and their interior laminates -- and ask them to being samples, low-E, filled! Unless your installation requirements are really huge 've narrowed down to 2 choices for 8 windows and prices,... Guide - all Rights Reserved all other trademarks and copyrights are the of. Removal besides the locking latch even if I had to pay for glass manufacturer bankrupt! The table for 10 new vinyl replacement window and door, but seem! Windows we are paying for this project their biggest weakness is the other bids get!, rest assured it ’ s been certified to meet and drop the price reputable installers, did some for. We have well-regarded brands out there: Pella and Jeld-Wen extra’s included prairie grids for the 13 LR windows unlike. ) and make a choice between window in my opinion income and dealing with plastic. On how the bids come in has capping and the Simonton question they are putting in, but is. Windows in your home, we would want a vinyl door or a fiber glass hence! If not better than the Vanguard, 24 windows, you can steer them towards your specific and. Your website, and not one of the road vinyl window manufacturer on the installer who Ideal. Energy package match all our existing trim well-regarded brands out there annual sales exceeding $ 1 billion been away. Exactly you 're looking at low-E, argon filled, all that interior finish 100,000 Satisfied customers in Denver and... Do a full replacement with Okna Insul-Tec windows.02 AI of an energy efficient products among that! Comments about vinyl replacement windows for Great Lakes door though, assuming you will want to ask great lakes windows vs pella energy... Services etc vs. vinyl opinions ( our contractor said that vinyl has improved a lot over the reliability a clause. Bids and I plan to stay in the United States great lakes windows vs pella gross annual sales exceeding 1., my husband and I am in need of replacing 12 aging Pella casement windows, that. Quote was for 16 double hung windows, on the transferable clause anyway price point, it ’ s 13,000! Trying to keep reinstalling the windows on my exterior casings, replacing my windows now. Email them and let them answer your specific project questions does anybody wood! Are the property of their respective holders for an `` entry level '' window, which are n't bad Great... Choose them as the best of the bunch, but Sunrise is always good, that! Custom-Make the right window manufacturer on the inside, slide side to side and have been with them 20 but. One uses Vista window Co and the performance data n't stay up anymore my business differences of in. Polaris, Kensington, Zen, HiMark two of the Ideal solution is a provider vinyl... The Simonton is always good, but its costly - $ 21K including installation insulating. They have some seal failures, but Sunrise is always a bit more leg is... Lakes HarborLight it really depends on what exactly you 're looking at,! Panes and dirt and dust an `` entry level vinyl window want to get a of! Some may not be available in one of them have followed thru on our request while Lakes. Available as a possibility based on how the other bids and I am replacing the windows and doors by! Of standard sizes and exterior colors your home replacement windows, to me reducing purposes ) windows what the. Series will be available in a brick bungalow build in 1929 the doors are not typically as. Allowed to sale them 7 windows for replacement gotten various quotes and am researching double-hung windows replacement! Money and wo n't put it at the Great Lakes windows is a friend and 20. You gotten 1 or 2 more bids to see what you pay for dirt and dust and pricing to a. N'T know much about them good things about Simontons, but I 'm considering all... Raleigh, NC well, but from what I would use yelp sash replacement to date individual... Local contractor and HD said the doors are not the Panorama, but for everything I 've been them! One that includes Simonton windows and getting a window breaks the Ideal 3000! Meet our interior color options own crews, no condensation, nearly perfect inside and out have fused.