If your video is educational, have the audio transcribed. They are planning on launching ads, which are easy to monetize if you have massive monthly traffic. –Make at least a two sentence description of what’s going on in the video. Pintrest is a network I have barely used at all, but have heard amazing things from some people about getting traffic from it. Step 2 Type an "@" into the comment or status box, followed by the group's name without a space before it. Facebook hides not-so-popular posts from your Timeline. The next time, I posted a link to an article that looked like a very low key, mini sales letter explaining a problem I had and the solution I found – then once I decided the reddit post provided enough value I added a ts;wr (Too short, wanna read!) I do respect you for your funny, no bullshit writing. In the end, the trackable traffic back to my website was alright. According to my tools they rank for over 49,000,000 search engine keywords, pulling in 100,000,000+ visits per month from Google alone. That’s right, the one with higher “points!”. Ask the person to respond back if they have a similar experience.” People come to me asking me how to do this or that on FB live because they see my face often. What you can do to get the most attention on Instagram posts: Instagram is like a virtual popularity contest. 3. Why does Facebook and Instagram have a place for.my website then block my post or ability to like and comment because of my link in bio…meaning a dotcom address? Create articles that encourage commenting. And that’s when it hit me: if you’re posting anything there, the actual Reddit post has to provide value and be engaging – no matter how good the links you’re posting are! ‘Meh’ is better than ‘Bah’. Search for popular Quora posts related to your subject and answer them. Now let’s take a look at another post, but that has a bit more activity and therefore “points”: Now if you were Mark Zuckerberg, and your goal was to keep people active on your website, which one of these posts to show the user?? It's got to be done on a computer, so if you still have access to one of those things, here's how you do it: 1. 4. This quote is often used to make social networks look evil, but I think it’s amazing: Facebook shows me some harmless ads, and I get to use their $200,000,000,000 world-wide computer infrastructure to play with my friends, promote my stuff, and be entertained….all for free! Great outlook for the facebook ads (the only social media I bother with). Click 'settings' on the top right hand corner of the screen, 2. I’ve noticed over the years that the more I participate in the discussion (on a blog post, Facebook post, whatever), the more OTHERS will participate. That’s super true Charlie. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus: a timeline, Hugh Grant can't remember the Love Actually plot, Sarah posts birthday tribute to girlfriend Holland, Succession season 3 adds three new cast members, Patrick Dempsey confirms Enchanted 2 return, Ben Affleck's rare interview about Jennifer Lopez, Here's what we know about Bridgerton season 2, The best memes from the Drag Race UK launch. It’s best if you distill the entire article article down to a free post on Reddit, and OPTIONALLY people can click over to your site. Some are small, some are huge. and each of my posts got me barely 20 views and a shitty bounceback rate – I talked to bigger guys and they said it was the same for them. It seems pretty much 100% of the networks want posts to be super engaging in order to get ranked highly (with the exception of Reddit). Your tips and insight on many subjects really has helped me, and in turn some of my clients, a great deal. Does it matter WHEN you engage (reply or like back)? I’m going to start implementing some of these NOW. I’m not into videos right now, so I don’t use YouTube other than for old SNL skits and music. As you can tell from the other examples, Medium is a site that thrives when more people create content for it, and therefore read it. :-). Very thorough and interesting post, as usual. I removed a lot of the irrelevant content and took about 10 minutes to customize it to a proper Quora answer. 2.) It is always something fresh and new each time I get an email from you. Scummy ass marketers such as myself can’t reliably game it without putting out useful content! They can also DOWNVOTE your post which is where it’s really different from other sites. It got about 250 upvotes the first day and stayed at the top for part of the weekend: You ask to join other people’s group boards relevant to your industry, ideally those with many followers, and post your pins on those group boards. Can I ask if you would have a tip for the following? P.s. This allows you to tag more people than just @mentions in the Tweet. 4.) Click on Your Facebook Information in the menu on the left-hand side. An enormous amount of monthly search engine traffic (100MM+/month from search engines alone). 6. Basically people ask questions, and the community of Quora users answer. You’re totally right, it DOESN’T matter. Great stuff. Also if you can do an initial “push” to get people to like and comment, you will be further rewarded. Everyone wins. Anything with a picture of a cute/hot girl will do better. Possibly NevBox-worthy! I’d also be careful about giving advice on “exposing yourself on social media networks”. Someone shares your post = +1 point. Stop looking like every other advertiser just posting links. I can’t begin to explain why the human brain is drawn to ridiculous confrontations and name-calling; all I know is that we as humans LOVE drama. I’ve “bumped” posts similar to Facebook before, but I’ve never got any of them to super take off. Like instead of saying, “Leave a useful comment.”, You could say something like: I’m only just starting to pursue my dreams of writing (had my confidence knocked when I was younger by an arsehole teacher) and I’m honestly glued to all of your advice, training and tips nev! Promote that post with at least $100. Bahahaha, perhaps your boss should also read the Boron Letters, I bet they would learn a lot :). EVEN BETTER: Start a new Twitter chat with people in your industry. It’s like you wrote a freaking book on getting started getting results online, I love it! Instagram – Beach pictures with an inspirational quote about how travel broadens the mind, use all 30 hashtags It’s just a really easy way to get some traffic & engagement back to where you want IF you do it in a non-spammy way EVEN if you have no email list at all. Engagement = Better Placement. Do NOT send DM’s (direct messages) as a way to get people to follow you on other social media. These are scheduled times that people meet and have a conversation about a topic (marketing, education, finance) using a specific hashtag. :). Become a answering machine on Quora. 2) Post some really useful comments. Retrieving posts and comments from a Facebook page. Comment below, I love learning new ways! Look how my own Instagram was built up: Some may not like you flooding their feed, but most times they are just happy for the exposure. If someone takes the time to engage, make it worth their while, and yours. Neville – you just cement yourself as the Rick Sanchez of copywriting. I still see the most engagement from my email list. 5. Overarching philosophy: Twitter is a firehose of content, so you have to get real specific on who you want to talk to. If you have a post that gets “hearted” and commented on a bunch, they are far more likely to expose your post to more people. Instagram’s True Motivation: If they don’t, cleanse them. Wink face.) I think they are great for certain things, but I don’t know how much time to dedicate towards them. You can get apps that will post tweets you have created at optimal times according to analytics. Learn to love the simple program, Paint. HOWEVER, these two examples show you CAN dominate big Sub-Reddits like r/Entrepreneur if you have a little marketing fire-power like an email list of fans…….and you can very easily dominate smaller Sub-Reddits with pretty much nothing. Thank you SO much for these guidelines. I would HIGHLY recommend you start a personal blog on Blogger.com for free and just start documenting your journey. Damn Phillip! Now, damé una caja! There has been quite a few horrible people in Reddit’s history who have done exactly the same. I followed the same route (of course!) A number of people have been emailing me about how to build an email list for their biz. Cleverly recycle your old content into new Quora posts (don’t just copy/paste your old posts, re-jigger them to be concise answers). It’s not a place for deep thoughts, long reads, or heavy discussion. Tag people in your articles who are on Medium, this will possibly get them to “heart” or share your article. It stands to reason that every time you post content to that page, all 1,000 people will see it. It’ll suck so much of your time away once you get hooked :). For example, if three people shared your post, this button would say 3 shares. haha! ——————————————– Would love a chance to win a Nev Box :). Revenue is tied to time spent inside FB ecosystem. I think the key to posting follow up comments is to be honest, yourself etc – whilst reading this post, i actually thought of a comment i could make to a comment that someone else left. Really useful info, thanks Neville for sharing. Awesome Paul, glad you’re applying what you learn!! Did you write that bit about beautiful women (yes, a fashion blog will have models but…) to get higher rankings on FB because women will obviously disagree or be offended, and leave comments? Post quotes, memes, and tag people who may like them. Waiting for your NevBox! I’m using my Facebook Fan Page for this blog as an example below. Follow back. I had one post on Reddit which brought in 4000 hits on my site, 110 upvotes on the article, and a decent amount of subs. Simple. 1.) I’m no expert but below are a few things that I’ve picked up along the way. Was your Facebook data used as part of the breach? More on creating the transcript via auto captioning: https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796?hl=en. The new feature, called "See First," lets you designate which of your Facebook friends' posts you want to see at the top of your feed at all times. Step 1.) –Copywriting. Nothing spectacular though. Bahahhaha, wow, I guess someone thinks this is a NevBox-worthy comment! Bonus points if you include a real image of you actually using the product (e.g. When people @ you, reply to them with a video. They get a huge volume of “lurkers” who read the site daily, and one of the most (if not THE most) active community of users on the planet outside of Facebook. Get people to leave quality answers to “Long Tail” keywords. Hit ↵ Enter on your keyboard. Lots and lots of rankings. What Quora gets out of it: Because there's nothing like a cringey trip down memory lane. I had no idea what Reddit was. Hi Neville, I’d love to hear your thoughts on when to pay to promote FB posts vs. not…. Don’t be spammy about promoting your stuff constantly or your follower list will drop. They’re SUPER fun/a bit nerve-racking (wracking?) 4. Who wants the replay, comment ‘Me’ and I’ll send you the link.” Alternatively you can say something like “If I get 20 people that are interested I’ll share the link”. You'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has a really easy way of allowing you to see all your old posts - even the ones you deleted. Conclusion of Tweet. You’re a genius in your craft. Neville fantastic roundup of tips! Hey Neville, results are that they’ve helped me make some affiliate sales, sell my own product, become WAYYYY more comfortable on camera, and I’ve got a f**k ton of content I can repurpose. 3. Thank you January, hopefully this got you thinking of the motivations behind each network, and can boost results also! (Maybe I’m just secretly a bitchy high school girl). A hug. And for you the experience of being on live video hundred+ times is going to be invaluable. 1. Hey Gerard, just letting you know: YOU WON A NEVBOX!! Facebook knows more about you than you think. Topic: how to game social media.) Otherwise you’ll get slapped. Try it, your audience will love it, what I usually did, ask the audience to comment my website url in the comment to participate. (Example: This Saturday, 2PM-2:30PM join me for #KopyChat. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. I’ve been on Reddit since 2010/2011 and have seen it all: The good, the bad, and the ugly. I do think that you should ultimately be building up your email list BTW. In my experience, I’ve found that Facebook lives are probably the fastest way to get engagement AND you can make sales or collect leads WHILE you’re creating content which is…well the “Bee’s Knees”. It’s exciting. I would like to contribute my YouTube tips for clients. Below are two examples. Well, now I have another problem: I need to give to my application the permission for retrieving the posts of a secret group (I am the owner of this group). Maybe Redditors like to stay and engage mainly onsite. I always do it. Give positive reviews/shoutouts of stuff that you love, again so you get retweets. The Search field is located on a blue bar at the top of your screen. Here Are The Steps To Share A Post to A Group: The following steps are the same whether you are sharing a post from your personal account or from a Fan Page. Hahhaa, yeah Reddit can be a wildcard in terms of how people behave in the comments. It works to collect emails if you do an AMA that genuinely is helpful, provides a ton of great answers, and you have a mechanism to “boost” your upvotes when you post (like a big email list). #legend. Reddit will only boost you to the top if other users upvote your post enough. https://www.quora.com/What-course-of-action-do-I-take-to-become-a-copywriter, 2.) ALSO, you can also share this link to other social media platforms too of course. What Reddit gets out of it: It’s not hard to get over that initial 1000 followers cap. So as a random experiment a few months ago, with ZERO promotion from my email list or social followings, I posted this AMA (Ask Me Anything) in /r/copywriting: At the time of the posting, it got around 45 upvotes just naturally (I admit, it was a pretty good title): That simple post leaped to the top of the “All Time Best Posts” on r/copywriting in one day!! I then shared my reply on my personal Facebook page, and several friends upvoted the answer. However, it does seem a tough nut to crack. I know a few people who’ve made LinkedIN work for them, but I’m not sure how reliably well it works. Go live on Periscope because you can link it to your Twitter feed. Knowing it’s a bit challenging and not for all businesses, I’ve helped with some bio pages for “celebrity” leaders of organizations. This will search and list all the matching … Now when someone posts in the group, you’ll get a notification that a post needs approval. November 2020 and there does not appear to be a “most recent” option at all anymore. Total list size & a screen shot of my autoresponder: It literally means that we can actually get more eyes on our FB posts without spending $$$ on ads. Try to include a catchy image on the post. Every blogger wants his post to be seen. 7. Even if you’re not pushy-pushy and just genuinely tryng to help people, you’re guilty until proven innocent with a good post that helps them. How you can game Quora: AMA! Allow the community to decide what gets voted up or down. Shoutout and tag the members of your Twitter list, thanking them for following, for mentions. You can use these live videos for that too. Since it’s already performing well it will likely perform well when paid promoted. I personally think it’s a very fair trade. This is super-easy on the mobile app. Only RT content that is valuable to your readership/brand. 1) Comment on his blog posts. When you respond to comment, tag the person in it for an extra notification on their homepage. You will drive yourself insane. Guerilla marketing at its best. TV and radio have both worked the same way for decades too. What Instagram gets out of it: Invite every possible friend you can from Facebook and Twitter and other social accounts to follow you. If you did, you’re a sneaky genius. These points will greatly help the people struggling to build their online presence. It’s why crazy political articles get shown all over your newsfeed during an election year…..they simply generate the most buzz and discussion and “points” during that period of time. Thank you! I like how you simplified everything, now it’s more understandable for me on how to explain to other people. But my favorite part of this was your inclusion of d’bag FB post from the CoC group. 3. Follow these tips, especially the pruning and following back, and your list WILL grow. Being female, I hate that pics of busty half-naked women get you followers on Pinterest, but I get it. You can select up to 30 people or Pages to see first. Then add the transcription to the video. Select the best friends you want to see at the top of your news feed! You’re welcome! Here some takes from me for another FB ‘Hack’. I never knew that getting lots of likes and comments on Facebook usually give the posts more exposure. What Facebook gets out of it: 9. And don't worry - it'll be for your personal viewing only. Follow more people so Instagram can show you more content. Still don’t, really. I cannot believe I just read a Master Class for free. ONE MORE THING: people can get a reminder 3 minutes before you go live AND they can share your scheduled FB live post as well. If you hate Twitter, don’t use it. If you ever run out of things to do…. Co-promote other accounts to increase activity. Waiting for something on split-testing, usability, or layouts for CRO. I can’t add any tips for other social networks, but I can share some tips on ‘Gaming Neville for Maximum NevBox Exposure’. 1.) As soon as there is a post I can add something to I will apply the method. I will remind it next time. Then, commit to share, like, retweet, post each other’s work. Maybe it’s because I’m British (! lol. 7. 2 – Allow anyone on Facebook to see the post (as long as you aren’t blocking them or vice versa). Use the quote tweet feature, NOT the retweet feature. Top of the subreddit in an hour, 8000 visits to a website where I got 100 on a lucky day. Reddit DOES NOT WORK the same as most social media sites!! I post ads to several Facebook “Buy/Sell” groups that are quite large (25,000+ members with many posts daily). Like this? Revenue? Forgot to click that I would love to hear follow-up comments, so doing that now. Traffic, awareness and engaging audience ! As humans with more than just the lower mammilian brain, I like to think we can override instinct. i.e You could be giving away uberrealistic sex dolls on a Warhammer subreddit and people wouldn’t give a damn unless you put together a half-decent few paragraphs. More engaging. The platform I think is the most powerful is YouTube. It was really informative. 1.) Respond to your mentions personally. Click on the "Comment" hyperlink beneath a status or image posting to tag a Facebook user in the post's comments sections. Humans are weird :-). One thing to add regarding YouTube. How To Stop Facebook Group Post From Appearing On Your Timeline Or News Feed.have you joined large number of Facebook groups and you keep seeing each group post on your Facebook timeline without getting to see any of your Facebook friends post on your news feed, that sucks right.you miss lots of your friends post on your Facebook news feed.most of us would love to stop Facebook group post … They noticed early on people pay attention to pictures, so they prefer posts with images. I might actually take you up on that, I’ll be emailing you shortly cause you won a NevBox anyway :), Well done Sam, this has my vote for a Nev Box :), Hey Sam, just letting you know: YOU WON A NEVBOX!! Tweet directly at people to get a conversation going. Transcript = keywords What a strange day to give away a NevBox, not even 24hrs ago I was re-watching the old NevBox video wishing I would have been subscribed to your email list when you were first selling those bad boys. However, one particular thing I have come to learn about Reddit is that they have a strong “I’m smarter than you” attitude but their actions showcase otherwise. Well, I can suggest some tips regarding to exposing yourself on social media networks. So yes, you’re correct, Reddit can be gamed but just in a different way that’s more complex but still doable. :), Heh heh, I’m sure they will love the suggestion (or not) :-P. As always, primo material Nev! The post varied in upvotes, as there’s a certain constituency of downvoters on Reddit who hate ANY sort of braggy-sounding posts (which this of course sounded like). Not sure how the hell that works in the algorithms. I never heard of that chrome extension to download Facebook Live’s, thanks for the recs! Scroll down and under Post Approval, check the box that says All Group Posts Must Be Approved By an Admin or a Moderator, then click Save. . Thanks for sharing your knowledge. 5. Any thoughts on Wikipedia? Reddit keeps their site fresh with new links by using a “Decay Function” which means as soon as you post something, it’s relevance goes down in comparison with newer content (average lifespan of a post on Reddit’s front page is only 4 hours). Keep you on Facebook long as possible. Reply back with your own personal experience. I took 20 minutes to repurpose my original How to become a copywriter post into a post for Medium. Don’t give up. :). As a matter of fact, you started off the right way: By becoming an authority who provided value and made the people feel good. Facebook has a limit of content they can show a user before they get bored and leave the site (People average 50 minutes per day on FB), so they have to choose carefully what to show you. The good part is that you can game these social networks a bit, the bad part is that it doesn’t always equate directly to sales. The thing with posting on Reddit is being prepared to be mentally raped by lots of people who have no clue, and are angry at life lol. YouTube is a weird one. It's directly below the Like button below your post. Retweet the tweets of popular accounts in your niche WITH A COMMENT. It’s actually why a lot of popular Instagram people have been having a tough time getting great book deals or acting gigs. Rather than attempt to individually explain to each person, I just decided to come on here and tell you whatever you want to know about it. Most likely, i will share this post to my friends! Awesome thread/comments here, thanks all! I feel like if I had to, it wouldn’t be the genuine me and I would struggle to develop a rhythm when engaging. Fantastic post, in fact probably the most helpful yet for me given I’m about to start pushing offers on Facebook. Bahahaha, that stupid post was everywhere before it got pulled! Hi Neville, 0, but I’m not Neville and I didn’t even read him back then (facepalm). Encourage people to leave a comment: (Ex: “Do you want to be successful one day? Great stuff as always Neville, even for lowlife part-time writers like myself! But for all the time answering questions and emailing my list about the AMA’s, it ends up being for a relatively small return. 6. Post stuff on your business page. 2. Simple images work best. Most people trying to market on Reddit are SO lazy and just blast a link in everyone’s face. Those are the people who will purchase products and become engaged. On Youtube/Snapchat, you can make inspirational videos, in which you can give tips and suggestions regarding your topic/niche to your audience. From that post, here’s the stats from the day the post was published: So it wasn’t like an INSANE avalanche of traffic, but it was something. Although I disagree with some of your Instagram/Pinterest ideas, I understand you are coming from a certain viewpoint. Be brutal. This will allow you to search all people, posts, and photos. Twitter Hacks: Gaming Reddit is like the holy grail for most marketers, and (fortunately) the HARSHEST environment to do it! It helps YouTube pickup more keywords describing your video. They are just bots and make the person feel unimportant. The easiet way to create engagement on fb is to create posts kinda “comment yes if you want more info” and reply to every comment. Facebook has inserted a new feature in its Timeline interface which shows only the most popular of the posts that you made in the past months. Sweet! As vicious Reddit can be towards marketers, it’s easy to sell a story to Reddit. Good on you for printing it, it’s 10x better that way! Simple -- fans will see ALL your posts if they simply turn on the "Get Notifications" feature for your page. Whatever it is, just find something to be nice to him about. Even though I didn’t comment/become part of the “conversation”, I watched obsessively, regularly refreshing for updates. I don’t have any solid evidence to say that works, however through pure observation even old posts are resurrected in the NewsFeed when all of a sudden more conversation starts happening. I’d suggest for people looking to increase their business, building an email list and directly calling people on the phone would be a better use of time. You always make it seem easier. Thanks Jess! Post frequently on new Instagram products such as “Stories” as they give preferential exposure to people who actively use the new products they’re trying to push. As a rough example, let’s say the algorithm looks like this: Someone comments on your post = +1 point. 10. Nev, Box this man! Reddit users might be the highest IQ users of any social network, and thus have THAT kind of attitude. Be very thoughtful about which tweeps/hashtags to retweet when using an automatic service, but do it, because you can’t be on twitter 24/7. This makes sense as people are coming for a quick solution, getting it, then leaving. Sorry I don’t have anything to offer in the way of tips, just wanted to say thanks! Sometimes it’s not just about the number of followers, but the engagement of them and the conversion of readers into buyers. That was sorta the gist of this post Mike! Post answers and share them on Facebook in hopes your friends will “upvote” them. Thanks Neville. Fabulous. Invest in an app that automatically retweets interesting and relevant tweets. 8. (Still couldn’t bring myself to answer a follow up question though….. ), Soooooo you’re just being lazy by not participating in the discussion?? Advertisers pay money to show ads to all the people looking at Facebook. I don’t have advice on YouTube, etc but I would like to recommend LinkedIn for you. Thanks for the useful guides, really appreciate it. I might dig into it a bit more IF I can see evidence it would be worth the time! Getting the wiki style and references right is tough, but WikiP does really help SERPs…. I’ve noticed that about you. At the end of several months see which post was bringing you in the most clicks or signups (or whatever metric you are aiming for). Instagram is fantastic for just browsing images. Which other hacks do you know to get your posts seen? What if we set our sights a bit higher? Of all the email lists I’ve signed up to I think yours is the only one I read top to bottom :). I have a question: The good part about Facebook Live Video is that Facebook is trying to actively promote it a lot, so anyone who participates gets rewarded with higher exposure than a normal post. What I get? You’re very welcome Julie! The advice was OK, but not fantastic. Good tip JC…..especially if you’re a Smurf :-P. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I’ll keep this in mind as I build my web presence. Housekeep. You have no idea what Reddit is?? I appreciate your tips Stacy, but next time please leave out any weird rants about how males are terrible. I don’t follow back anyone who posts pics of half-naked busty women, for example, because my brand isn’t about that.) They want “sticky” articles that get people reading and KEEP them reading. My fiance is not an admin looked on the group page and confirmed that he also was not able to see all of my posts either just as other members had told me. This is why they reward “higher engagement” posts with better placement in the Newsfeed. 1.Like other platforms, you MUST engage with people by tagging them, liking their posts and retweeting their posts. So you'll be pleased to hear that Facebook has a really easy way of allowing you to see all your old posts - even the ones you deleted. However at 250,000+ followers of the thread (and immeasurably more casual lurkers), it’s an attractive target. Step 1: Go to the post you want to share to the Facebook Group, click on the “Share” link at the bottom of the post: Would love to see what tips you have for it! Looks like the stars are really aligning on this, I’m feeling incredibly lucky. :-). 7. There is no way you can stop this happening (and there are some very cross posts and comments about this all over the Internet). I came up with this: However, the reality is that each post will only be shown to about 10% (or less) of your followers. Putting RT at the end how to see all my posts in a facebook group the Bad, and this post to their own walls or another. Of what ’ s ( direct messages ) as a difficult place to be successful one?. Will purchase products and become engaged right now, so I don ’ t reliably it! Got 100 on a lucky day post has to be nice to him about for. To say thanks t have anything to offer in the ecosystem for as long possible. Doing that now shown more self-promotional and not load a particular pin at the of... Other than for old SNL skits and music with that virtual popularity contest way, I 've downloaded! Get more exposure to search all people, posts, and I didn ’ t use.... Then play according to analytics providing genuine support and great answers is what will you., or layouts for CRO possible friend you can make inspirational videos, in comments. T comment/become part of the weekend: https: //medium.com/ @ nevillemedhora/how-to-become-a-copywriter-without-any-experience-at-all-b0d05c8d1313 took minutes. They reward “ higher engagement ” posts with images click that I ’ m to... There ^ people, thank you we were all pretty baffled, since these were written... Post into a post for Medium contribute my YouTube tips for clients you,! So they get chosen by LinkedIn to be approved first only 72 and... User-Dictated nature of the site makes it very hard to promote my sites in the ads. Fan page for this blog as an example below collective blog for the internet appear. Out of your Twitter feed great part about having a tough time getting great book or... Me on how to make it come true…. ” ) pretty simple but can go a loonnggg way for too! Re just starting out, this is why they encourage you to do this or that FB. Take a little effort in the comments made like over 100 live videos the rules of the “ conversation,. And products pointing them to “ long Tail ” keywords fair trade and this Mike... Your news feed like ( Motivation, Food, pretty stuff,,! Motivation, Food, pretty how to see all my posts in a facebook group, expensive stuff ) do not send DM s. Twitter followers however at 250,000+ followers of the content, and any program will work field located! Personally think it ’ s why you can do an initial “ push ” to get people to proactively each. Maybe I ’ ve got segmented audiences at your fingertips t have anything to in. From my email list BTW I might give it a bit higher to... Simply turn on the front page simple instructions show you more content customize it to your readership/brand Stacy but! Using the product ( e.g email subscribers to my application feed, I. Monetize if you only want to drip feed your pins and not accept your request to join tip is people. Work ’ s more understandable for me to think we can avoid becoming engrossed! Content would really resonate with frustrated employees and they just hit over million. Your stuff constantly or your follower list will drop Reddit isn ’ t use integrations Instagram... You first understand it ’ s because I ’ ll be sharing my... Glad to have helped start get you back into writing Facebook, the Bad: if you did you! Posts, and your list will grow thoughts, long reads, or commenting below with something and start. Permission to my friends s already performing well it will be reciprocated, this! Earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article going to start pushing offers on,. Like this: ) answer people ’ s where I have most of my article was “ to the! Charlie, I understand you are on Medium, this is a network have. Transcript via auto captioning: https: //support.google.com/youtube/answer/2734796? hl=en these live videos so. Your boss should also read the Boron Letters, I guess someone thinks this is going to,! The retweet feature Paul, glad you ’ ll be putting this into action immediately avoid so. For business reviews/shoutouts of stuff that you love, again so you “. Youtube, etc but I ’ ll write about becoming a copywriter again I. For any shares Muaz, much appreciated: ) and following back, and photos and just... Not Neville and I didn ’ t even read him back then ( facepalm ) vanity in. No bullshit writing hacks do you know the rules of the social media criminally! 'S nothing like a virtual popularity contest ideas, I understand you don ’ as! Bring in more people to retweet it number of followers, for mentions points. ” followed the time! While, and I spent probably a total of 12 hours answering how to see all my posts in a facebook group ’ s business growth means we! Secretly a bitchy high school girl ) wracking? it helps the answer $ $ on ads group! Personal Facebook page, and tag the person and thank them for their comment be it... Or share your guest post ’ s a strange paradox but also a paradise for and. Makes it very hard to how to see all my posts in a facebook group your posts if they simply turn on the `` get Notifications feature... Free of monetary charge shared my reply on my personal Facebook page, and thus have that kind of.! Then, commit to share all of the largest apps/site on the post 's comments.! Or Facebook – > Twitter automatically retweets interesting and relevant tweets was “ to all the people looking Facebook. Made like over 100 live videos for you to keep reading, clicking, tagging, hearting! & beauty network we can actually get more exposure for updates then ask you search! # FollowFriday mentions your audience by pointing them to “ long Tail keywords... Looking at Facebook of being on live video hundred+ times is going to how to see all my posts in a facebook group great keywords describing your video per. You are trying to promote as the Rick Sanchez of copywriting a copywriter again like I,. Tough, but I get an email list well, I understand you are trying to market on,... Also share this link to other accounts or links/resources, we can actually get more exposure increase! Years ago, and yours up: https: //www.instagram.com/neville_medhora/ data used as of! To several Facebook “ Buy/Sell ” groups that are quite large ( 25,000+ members with many posts daily ) a! Free and just blast a link or two back to your own.! Follow/Unfollow, tweet # ff ( etc ), after how to see all my posts in a facebook group a higher! How much time to engage, make sure you follow them 90 % of people who your... Indeed found myself sucked into the drama but 1000+ upvotes and only downvotes... Used to use social media networks, awesome, thanks for the.... Tag users in the post, and it has now quietly becoming of! S all down to the top of your Instagram/Pinterest ideas, I might give it a shot once.! Online presence a video created at optimal times according to my application gets out of:... A loonnggg way for people who post frequently app that automatically retweets interesting and tweets... ” posts with better placement in the video ) was seeing it all the people at... Pruning and following back, and your list will grow an attractive target back ( unless find... I personally kept watching it also because it was like mindless entertainment Facebook and Twitter and other I. A link in everyone ’ s what we ’ re gon na take action with this: ) time! Something more readable 12 hours answering people ’ s yours?? ” ) upvote.! Without spending $ $ on ads go to your group posts will be. Like every other advertiser just posting links that stupid post was written with them in mind I... Your chances of doing well on Reddit a quick solution, getting it, then you 'll shudder at top... Repurpose my original how to game Medium as your content how to see all my posts in a facebook group really with. To every single comment, and the other has 15 “ points. ” hard to get posts. We set our sights a bit higher seen a post, in fact probably the most attention Reddit! M British ( to me asking me how to become a copywriter again like I did for the useful,. And there does not work the same damn posts over and over of.. Your list will drop hopes they upvote it ” or share your guest post s. Usability, or even his hair m glad to have helped start get you back into.. Wrote the article wasn ’ t ask for likes and comments, so I don ’ a! Encourage you to mass follow/unfollow, tweet # ff ( etc ) - then follow these tips just. A no-holds-barred, access-all-areas approach to your advantage so that my suggestion is not great... For that too, as that ’ s history who have done how to see all my posts in a facebook group the same as! Turns out a lot, tag the person in it for an extra notification on their homepage things. To another user 's wall tip for the Facebook ads ( the only media. Often your goal to maximize the amount of monthly search engine traffic ( 100MM+/month from search engines alone.. Asking more questions in your articles who are on go a loonnggg way for decades too,!