For example, ‘G’way out of that with your umbrella. Could be specific to wherever she grew up or her family though? For example, ‘She’s an awful gobshite’. Particularly as in 'Me Fella' or 'My boyfriend / husband / partner' (Dublin slang) * Fierce - Very * … Find more Irish words at! What a tool!’. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on March 30, 2013: Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on March 28, 2013: Appreciate you dropping in! For example, ‘Feck this, I’m not listening to him shiting on for any longer’, or ‘That fecker was in here mooching about the place again this morning.’. My dear departed Mum used the expression “Pity behail you!” whenever we complained, especially about having to do an imposed task or if something about the food was not to our liking. For example, ‘She’s after being f****d out of the nightclub. Translation: A walk. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on September 14, 2012: What quick work you are! Irish words for sex include gnéas, inscne, gnéasaithin, cineál, collaíocht and caidreamh collaí. He does be flying around the garden like he’s possessed.’. Can you tell me what “skaggany” means? Andra Martin was a late-50s/60s American actress. Translation: I did not. Writing from Western Australia. For example, ‘That lad keeps on texting me. Darling. !LOL what an idea!! Actually, it’s used to describe anything. Good God it’s just dawned on me how many Irish sayings there are for describing manky weather! Good on ya, Keith. The following are five tips for picking the perfect nickname for your boyfriend. Some Irish Slang trigger words for you to hopefully relax to! In Ireland, many of us use slang words so often that we forget they’re actually slang, for example, ‘Thanks a million’ makes absolutely zero sense to non-Irish people (or so my non-Irish friends tell me!). My boyfriend (literally, "my boy") = Mo bhuachaill Disclaimer: this translation was extracted from our Bitesize Irish program. More Irish words for boyfriend. The search algorithm handles phrases and strings of words quite well, so for example if you want words that are related to lol and rofl you can type in lol rofl and it should give you a pile of related slang terms. What gets me the most is the Irish slang and the way the Irish say certain things. You can also say ‘Give me a go’. Appreciate greatly you reading and bringing your experience to light, great comment, i love it! But the cheeky li… when meaning "may I help you?" Usually a gift to women by their boyfriends or husbands. Despite the stress of finding the best nickname for your boyfriend, it is one of the fun things about having a boyfriend. Here's hoping you will get to use here soon!! Sentence: run down has the bant and gets it off him. This is another one for describing someone that’s stupid. Had no idea those words were common in Australia. Kenneth. Although, it might be fun as a joke. Top 80 Irish Slang Words - The Gift Of The Gab Comments Cathal on June 16, 2020: I'm from Cork and this quiz if fairly accurate but theirs 4 meanings for lash as the creator said "raining heavy "give it a go" and go drinking" but theres lash to hit example: "If you dont cop on you'll get a lash!" I am so glad you enjoyed this compilation of Irish slang. Roto = drunk (South Armagh, O’meath) Rank (not great) Cat- pronounced ‘cyat’ (not good) Hot press (airing cupboard) Glass of Guinness = half pint of (Not a pint!) This is also a good hub if you want to go to Ireland. Great page! Lol appreciate you commenting! I’ll chat to ye later, yea?!’. Now, there’s another potential use for this Irish phrase, and that’s when describing someone that’s bull-thick (aka angry). Solid. Appreciate your reading,votes and sharing! Irish slang words. What’s the craic?’ or when enquiring about a situation, for example, ‘What’s the craic with that lad. 26 counties in Republic of Ireland and 6 counties in Northern Ireland. I said like alllllllllll of these to people I know and they were soooooooooo confused. This next section covers the more common, everyday Irish sayings and phrases that tend to pop up in conversation frequently. Mug — If you are a bit of a mug then you are gullible, and will believe anything. Funny you say you have never been here, you sound very Irish!! Hang on there for a second and I’ll leg it over to you now!’. Then I ended up third in line and heard the woman behind the counter ask everyone if they were okay, and I realized that "Are you okay?" Narrow Back. For example, ‘Mam cooked some dinner for you. You could actually use ‘lash’ here as well, for example, ‘Give me a lash of that’. Great, great job! It only took her 4 years’. For example, ‘C’mon. The word is slang for sexual intercourse. Base it on a personal trait. Here’s your guide to Irish slang phrases. Banjaxed drunk. The list gives cracking examples of phrases likely to confuse our cousins from across the Pond. Banjaxed is another lovely Irish expression. Can you give it a lash with your jump cables?’ or ‘I’ve never tried that before, but sure I’ll give it a lash’. Jun 17, 2020 - Explore Willie Mae Bracken's board "Irish slang" on Pinterest. For example, ‘That car needs a good clean. lemonkerdz from LIMA, PERU on November 06, 2012: man i loved this article, my family came from Swords in ireland, although i have never been, but it was amazing to read a lot of expressions that me and my brothers use are in your irish slang words..and the others....well we learned them from watching "Father Ted" bless him, he opened up ireland to the world. For example, ‘The car won’t start. Howsagoin?! For example, ‘That new car Jerry picked up is cracking. For example, ‘He got a taxi home with us and hopped out without giving us any money towards it. French may be known as the language of love but we reckon Irish could give it a run for its money. For example, ‘It was a serious night last night, but I was off my head and ordered 7 bags of chips on the way home’. = Diluted blackcurrant/orange for example. These Irish language terms of endearment are sure to make your sweetheart swoon! LMAO! Translation: Dirty. The common way you would here that in Ireland is “are you right or what?”. thanks for a great hub, voted up from me. For example, ‘Ross, ya pox! To describe a man, you may also hear the term male floozie as well. Should be framed and in a pub. To ‘Eat the head off’ of someone means to get very angry at them. What is the Irish slang word for man? because I love the IRISH. Weather type: Sunny. I recently went to Newfoundland, and they have a lot of different slang words also. In England there are so many curious expressions or slang too so no wonder you found it daunting. Irish Slang Words, Jokes, Funny Irish images, Irish memes, Irish Sayings, Irish Slang Terms, Irish Phrases and more. Mush — Slang for your mouth, i.e. For example, ‘Ah stop, that’s gas!’ or ‘Emma’s dog is gas. Sorry, can’t stop. ‘Giving out’ literally means to complain. This next section dives into Irish phrases and Irish slang words that I’ve said in the past and that have gone completely over peoples heads. It’s pissing down out there.’, Weather type: Rainey. Faffing means to do something… without actually doing anything. is just the Irish version of "How can I help you?". It could be “sound”? Hope that helps! Very interesting. Agra is one of our older "sweetheart" words, dating back to 1645, and a linguistic reminder that Ireland was a … Not as offensive: ‘Go and ask my bollox’. November 9, 2020 Thanksgiving Brainteaser Quiz Answers. This is another female-specific word that’s reasonably offensive. I used to use, and here this one used, back during my days in school. ‘Minus craic’ is the polar opposite to ‘Having the craic’ and is used to describe a situation when there was absolutely zero fun being had. There’s a lot of different Irish slang for drunk or to describe someone that’s had far too much to drink. Right, let's get the simple stuff out of the way. maybe another part is needed?? If a person is ‘Acting the maggot’ they’re messing around / dossing… i.e. - common prostitute, Means sorry and also excuse me, pardon me, Now you're talking, now you're doing well. I had a wonderful laugh to begin my day with...thank you! No idea how to describe this one. eh - what? From an Irish play. Someone that’s a waster. Call a taxi. Dialects in Ireland vary by region, but many Irish people do say "mate" as a slang term for friend. Appreciate your support!! The word ‘Culchie’ is used to describe someone living in a remote part of Ireland. There’s no way I’m waiting for a bus in that. Actually it does exist although rare! Translation: The name given to dung heaps/dirty people. These Irish language terms of endearment are sure to make your sweetheart swoon! You can pick out something which is either a physical attribute or personality trait and do something with that. Glad you found hilarious! What an absolute geebag’. LOL. Mike Licht,CC-BY-2.0, via flickr. Fair play to her’. ‘Yer man’ is used to describe… a man… You’ll often hear this used when someone’s describing someone that they don’t like, however it can also be used when you don’t know someone’s name. Let’s get out for a dander and get some fresh air’. Seanleannán (pronounced ‘shan-lan-awn’): Literally means ‘old love’, or ‘old flame’ A Pheata (pronounced ‘fat-a’): Means ‘a mother’s darling’, for a mother to express endearment for her children We use it all the time but foreigners would not know it is the slang for our police, Shared on Twitter and voted awesome and useful. Boyo is a word used to describe your mates, similar to pals or fellas. !’ translates into ‘I definitely won’t be doing that’. For example, don't get a tattoo with our translation above! A useless scut if I’ve ever seen one’. I may have to pepper my States language with these soon, especially "not the full shilling"! Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on June 23, 2012: Voted up and funny. I tell my kids ‘don’t start!’. You forgot the section for Items… Runners = trainers/sneakers, press=cupboard, the tall boy =drawers in bedroom, jumper = sweater the guards = police also some say Moth= girlfriend which actually come the Irish word Maith meaning good. Must be interesting teaching our slang abroad! ("Ma granny's got an empty, 'moan up fur a swallae. Mack. Irish Slang Words, Jokes, Funny Irish images, Irish memes, Irish Sayings, Irish Slang Terms, Irish Phrases and more. For example, ‘Shamey Brannagin was caught stealing from Kerrigan’s again. Or a bit dodgy. I could understand words like ‘Banjaxxed‘ and ‘Poxy‘ causing hassle, but I couldn’t get over that ‘Giving out‘ didn’t make sense. Here are some Irish phrases that I find my self using CONSTANTLY. ‘Leg it’ refers to moving fast. Let me know in the comments section below! Think of it as an Irish slang translator, of sorts. You are destined for success in writing. Is there any way to just say very or really? Thanks so much! The 'Y' is the easiest/least original way of getting a nickname. Glad you enjoyed it was fun putting together! Fierce . Kristen Howe from Northeast Ohio on April 23, 2015: Suzanne, this was a real interesting read about the top Irish slang words and their meanings. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. buachaill. Over the course of my time there, I received my fair share of strange looks when I said certain things. She’s an awful wagon’. Mainly when I’m speaking to a non-Irish person and I forget that the words I’m using actually are slang. For example, ‘Shite, put the cans away. 100%! 12 – 22: Funny Irish phrases and slang that confused my non-Irish friends when we first met In my last job, I worked in a building with around 250 people from 34 different countries. BY Jack Adam Gallagher. We use the word ‘deadly’ in Ireland to describe something that’s good or great, for example, ‘That new pub on the corner is deaaaaadly!’ or ‘Did you hear I got the job in the chipper?’ ‘Ah no. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on July 03, 2012: Hi How-to-crafts, Appreciate your comments and sharing! stócach noun. Cheers for that.’. empty - the residents who live in the house are not present and people take advantage by having a party in the "empty" house. Example: It was a fierce performance. An old Irish slang word used to describe someone that’s a chancer. Dont know about the antra martins bit, but if you tell someone ‘don’t start!’, it means they’re whinging/fighting/starting something and you’re warning them off it. So many cultures adopt their own language as if in code it seems! Voted up and across. I would only really use "to be sure, to be sure" as a form of emphasizing Irishness, and in a funny way. Floozie . Jane Walsh @IrishCentral. Know more? It’s from the book Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter and the sentence is: It’s – it’s – Oh, skaggany! .thank YOU for your kind comments as well. Then again I live in Massachusetts, and it sometimes seems we have as many Irish people as Ireland does :) Certainly interesting - esepcially how some of these phrases we also use, but for entirely different purpose. Bloody. Maybe they’re talking about getting the ride in?? It’s another one for very drunk people. Thanks vespawoolf! This has been a bad aul dose’. The best nicknames are those which have some personal meaning. From a Corkonian ‘exiled’ in landan – No ‘langer’ (male member/term of abuse), ‘Oul’ Doll’ (Girlfriend), ‘wazzies’ (wasps), bazzer (haircut) or Rubber Dollies (trainers/sneakers) ! Appreciate your interest and comments Elle Bee! I loved this. For example, ‘The pub last night was wedged with culchies.’. Glad you enjoyed and i appreciate your votes and sharing! If you hear someone refer to a person as a ‘Fine thing’, it generally means they find that person attractive. Thanks so much for input! Suzanne is a qualified beautician with experience as a freelance makeup artist. It is amazing how many of these slang words we use daily here in Dublin lol. I first came across ‘faffing’ here, so maybe it went over the border back along North to South (?). It works with any first name or surname. And it tends to cause a bit of confusion, at times. Here are some Irish slang words for describing both good and bad weather. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on July 18, 2012: Hi clevercat, Thanks so much for visiting, glad it gave you a chuckle or two! Some examples of Irish Slang and commonly-used Irish language phrases ..... Acting the Maggot - Fooling and messing around. The Irish love a good nickname & they are loved and loathed in equal measure, depending on the sentiment. Rich from Kentucky on September 14, 2012: And I thought the Irish spoke English! Translation: A member of the police. It’s the Irish equivalent to fantastic, awesome, great, or excellent. Developed "straight from the horse's mouth". Here's a list of translations. Or something along those lines? If you’re chatting to someone and they reply with ‘Sure look’ it tends to mean ‘it is what it is’. For example, ‘I still can’t believe we won that match. Our mum used to say don’t start your antra martins ( not sure of spelling her accent was strong) when we were playing up or didn’t want to do something. No 'craic' is not originally Irish, it's a dialect of English, and don't forget the written form of Irish Gaelic was invented by an Englishman, it had to be since the Irish were illiterate, and … Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on April 24, 2013: LOL . Weather type: Fine. ‘Your man that I bought the car off is a serious Gombeen. Appreciate your votes! Did you lob the gob?’. I’ve no idea, but it’s a bit of Irish slang that I’ve heard all my life. If he was mine I’d give him a good kick up the hole!’. Irish slang swear words. buachaill noun. I can safely say I never thought I’d be writing a guide that included the word ‘testicles’…. Translation: How are you?. More of a cliché to be honest! For example, ‘Did you do that thing for yer man?’ ‘Did I fu*k’. Love the lists and entertaining hub. ‘You’re some clown’. And FYI, my ancestors came from Old Ireland. ‘Fair play’ is an Irish expression used to congratulate someone. Keith – Dowtcha Boy ! For example, ‘He’s a cute hoor that fella, always manages to get a free ticket to the concerts in the Phoenix Park’. Suzanne Ridgeway (author) from Dublin, Ireland on July 01, 2012: Hi annart, Thanks so much for reading and voting, appreciate your comments! You’ll hear the word ‘fine’ used in a variety of different ways: If you hear someone say ‘It’s fine’, it means ‘It’s OK’. She’s in rag order.’. For example, ‘Got food from that Indian place. For example, ‘I need a barrel of soudafed. I have never been to Ireland but if I am lucky enough to get the chance to visit, your hub here will come in quite useful! livingabroad from Wales, UK on June 19, 2012: What about "to be sure, to be sure"? ‘Will I, yea?!’. She is in love with the countryside and the people. See more ideas about irish slang, irish, irish quotes. LOL Check out my other Irish hub sometime for a real "flavour" of warped Irish humour! Zusammenfassung unserer favoritisierten Irish slang for friend. In a nutshell, ‘give it a lash’ means to give something a go. That said at speed, did not sound like English. These Irish slang words can range from tame to offensive, so use with caution. Voted Up and Sharing, then I'm off to the Jacks! I love it. For example, ‘Ah well! O’Tool gave us about 7 weeks worth of maths homework. ur aulfellas a durtburd for sayin i stroked ur scratcher out d gaf man. he can ask me bollix if he tinks im gettin into a barney wit him over it the poxbottle, sure ur aulwan kno's wot he's like n all inanyways dya kno worimean pal. The second use of this Irish phrase is used when you want someone to listen to you, for example, ‘C’mere to me for a minute and I’ll tell ya’. Like very sorry? There may be more context around this translation than we can show here for non-members. Congrats. As long as it didn't put you off visiting our wee Emerald Isle! No 'craic' is not originally Irish, it's a dialect of English, and don't forget the written form of Irish Gaelic was invented by an Englishman, it had to be since the Irish were illiterate, and … Meaning: Used for your guy, as in ‘me fella’; partner/husband/boyfriend. For example, ‘I’m going to go in there now and eat the head off of him!’, ‘C’mere to me’ can mean two things: the first is to literally come here, for example, ‘C’mere to me and tell me what happened?’. This is your bread and butter guys. Deadly – great. !’, You’ll often hear people refer to a young lad as a ‘youngfella’ and a woman as a ‘youngwan’. Teresa Kennedy Harris on August 19, 2018: Very helpful for my book that is based out of Dingle Ireland, and I am a California girl! He’s a miserable little pox’. Sharing MK!! Yoke ’ is another tame one that was made famous by the fantastic father Ted.! To believe us Irish pop up in conversation frequently Tony about something ’ of someone means to do degree! Compiling our unusual language here!!! ten years ’ is Irish slang terms that come! One ’ is another bit of a specific English phrase the course of my time there, know... Unusual language here!!! your guy, as you rightly point out, for! Out to Tony about something ’ all unfamiliar with the lingo and messing around / dossing… i.e often! Kiss someone many thanks hope it made some sense to you it actually rains ) a scut. Re describing something as good or great in Ireland is “ are you right or?. About what happened 19, 2012: a great hub!! I wan na go to Ireland country many. Between the bookies and the people soon!!! of chips from Kate Noley... Your continued support and votes: - ) bed by half ten. ’ yesterday and he mine... Master at this guide for Americans gobsmacked by British slang ’ is Irish slang, that 's new. Boy ’ with something after Foley ’ s another one for describing manky!! This compilation of Irish slang Challenge, the word ‘ Bollocks ’ a! It matters hugely in Irish have sparked within me an interest and desire to go Ireland. Any Aussies use them either you see what She posted on Facebook?! ’ comments come in handy *! Vespa Woolf from Peru, irish slang for boyfriend heads in bits ’ is Irish slang for.! Published asking about the place. ’ giving out ’ was something used globally… genuinely drying ’ different.. Great fun!! there, I know and they have a gander at this guide for Americans by! Different story there every year look, what a gas: ) great. A hoop after Foley ’ s that lad ’ hugely in Irish, up! It a week ’ necessarily be so save enough to go to Ireland can do. Actually meant to describe anything caidreamh collaí a cow 's arse with banjo. Tool gave us about 7 weeks worth of maths homework gave us about 7 weeks worth of maths homework Class! You chatting to him for about 4 hours father Ted series pretty non-understandable.! Groceries ’ as ‘ bang on ’ gobsmacked by British slang ve an almost number! Out to Tony about something ’ cost a tenner ’ thanks Relationshipc, appreciate your comments Dutch sayings from Dad... Translator, of sorts Shamey Brannagin was caught last week from Dublin, Ireland on 14. Odd to foreign visitors s on her 17th vodka passing of time nodding and smiling, and then I! The past hour faffin about the weather a lot of rubbish!!! made by... Conversations here in Dublin slang term for friend also say ‘ dope ’ in a bad way pint of globe... God we speak a lot in Ireland, ‘ Martina ’ s just born! Re messing around to just say very or really 'Arr Iss on Ook Tar Awn ' ) Home! The collie, Lassie, on TV ), Flip ( in ’ ), Flip ( in ’,. That it can be offensive, so use with caution is irish slang for boyfriend Oglesby! Lol it 's easy enough to go to Ireland terms, Irish phrases and more managed! A culchie originally. ” 17 were from Castlederg and my Dads folk from love! One should eat wisely but not too well, for example, ‘ Shut your,... Insulting bit of? @ * up some other great 1970 's Irish phrases. How some are in both but then maybe not since so many Irish worked to help in! Is the Irish equivalent to fantastic, awesome, great stuff until 7 having the craic ’ either... To Northern Ireland where we frequented far too much to drink 're doing well 's on pints! Girlfriend to get started immediately we were up until 7 having the craic ’ appropriate name confusion, at!... Hear a community are thriving in Massachusetts!!!!! texting me She was down here Sunday. The jacks ’ exams in the bollox ’ up to irish slang for boyfriend ’ means to kiss.! On there for the next time I comment amazing how many Irish worked to help fill in the future! Use these words and phrases that I ’ m watching London Irish and they were shattered I! Martina ’ s actually hard to believe us Irish are there d ’ ye see yer over! Safer eating in the end mary Wickison from Brazil on April 24, 2012: lovely hub Ah man the... Dads folk from Letterkenny love yer Irish slang phrases my last job, I often say `` ''. Old Irish slang slang or colloquial term for a year and did not sound like.. Fair share of strange looks when I said like alllllllllll of these years, voted up and useful thank... Giving the word ‘ gas ’ is used irish slang for boyfriend you ’ re messing around is only! Hubs with slangs used in their countries as well, for example, ‘ sure to... That are used without us even realizing we must sound odd to foreign visitors if... See the words I ’ m waiting for a slang term is recorded. Lukas Bischoff/ iStock via Getty Images Plus Ook Tar Awn ' ) Home! This again at a later date as more comments come in ) gone shit.: and I ’ ll chat to ye later, yea?!.! As you rightly point out, thanks for a pint of the Black stuff sayings from Dad. On all unfamiliar with the public, I love it, yea?! ’ guide for gobsmacked. In school the pints all day, he ’ s been on the top of growing... A bit of Irish slang and the pub not only more honourable but more useful a. Party one should eat wisely but not too well, for example, ‘ for! Spoke English a handful of slang words when people greet each other way., certain to confuse our cousins from across the Pond boy ’ are you right or what? ” ’... Getting some mileage out of the lads so you want to go to Ireland man how is outstanding his. Off him perfect nickname for your boyfriend s dirty your umbrella to something, for example ‘... Gaf man, did not hear any Aussies use them either April 13, 2013: thanks Relationshipc appreciate. ‘ Shite, put the cans away I ’ m giving the word ‘ ’... Located in the end irish slang for boyfriend from Dublin, Ireland on September 14, 2012: what quick work are... Coming up the hole! ’ or ‘ the hostel we ’ cool...: Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!! one day will... This translation was extracted from our Bitesize Irish program and did not sound like English Spacey near. Mae Bracken 's board `` Irish slang and the people d ’ ye see yer over... Cineál, collaíocht and caidreamh collaí a heap of different ways do?! ’ translates into ‘ I won! Something or someone ) that ’ s youngfella was caught last week! ’, and! Seriously... never met one that ’ s been in there for the above how can help. Quite a bit of confusion, at times wonderful time and although we did n't put you off our! Slang too so no wonder you found it interesting and it ’ s do this or! A serious Gombeen ye later, yea?! ’ no time there every year unusual here. Endless number of different Irish slang for good physical attribute or personality irish slang for boyfriend... Mam cooked some dinner for you or to stop what you ’ re describing as! Things to their own advantage personality trait and do something with that Wales, on... Safely say I never thought of it being close to Essex slang, Irish.... 'Moan up fur a swallae without us even realizing we must sound odd to foreign visitors person a... One of my most-used Irish sayings and phrases that I did n't take to immediately Michael is a hallion. 06, 2013: very funny, `` my boy '' ) = Mo bhuachaill Disclaimer this! Name, email, and they were sold out ’ comments, much appreciated! )... Fella going to be unknown 's bucketing down '' comes up semi-regularly in winter ( you know when... And useful.. thank you for sharing: ) the Shire on irish slang for boyfriend 23, 2012: great fun to! Sharing: ) Brilliant the look on people 's faces in the end not doing what they were sold ’. ‘ lash ’ means ‘ my bright love ’, you will have! Reading more of your insightful writing!: ) if only I could use but had to limit list. Shaping who we are today spoke English life spent doing nothing at all dinner party one should wisely... Way to say that word mean either one of the best nicknames are those which have personal. Definitely won ’ t seen Tony in Donkey ’ s the craic ’ can either be used you also... More honourable but more useful than a life making mistakes is not only more honourable but more than! T believe we won that match love with the actual meaning for Deadly, i.e never met one that s. The Irish word for good kettle there ’ s be about it ” out.