Is there anything I can do to keep him in the back yard and out of animal controls reach unless we go places? Now that we know the main reasons dogs run away from home, we’re going to give you a few tips to prevent it from happening. A study in the journal Biology Letters says this 'emotional contagion' is completely normal. probably should have neutered him! She can always find her way home, but one day a car might get her first. Becky. Why Sterilization Helps Keep Dogs from Running Away An enormous number of dogs run away because of their sexual instincts, especially males. We have a house with a large 750M2 garden and chickens. Whitney (author) from Georgia on April 07, 2010: Is he climbing or digging? If we try and let him out to go pee or anything he runs off and ignores all training. The first night I didnt find her until the vet called and said someone picked her up from Walmart. we placed cement blocks all over the yard, we even added chicken wire, but she makes her move in the nighttime. I saw an ad posted up for free puppies and behold it was my neighbor across the street. Maybe if he barks I should tape his mouth shut with duck tape. Bystanders always but he dust when there no dog around. I am at my wits end, last night I actually broke down and cried for a long time. I guess its time she stays on a leash for good now. she got off yesterday so when i let her out today i made sure her collar was on right, and the chain closed when i clamped it to her collar.. i checked on her about 10 mins later and she was gone... and the chain was left behind, she still has her collar on and everything.. how can she possible know how to get that clamp off?? An excellent tool to use, to keep your dog from running away from home is dog training. She never ran away before until recently. Jumping is hard to correct unless you catch the dog. Whitney (author) from Georgia on April 14, 2010: No one has said that female dogs do not run away. He's made holes -in- chain link fences, he's dug under them, he's climbed over them, he's slipped out of collars, Halters. But I can't have him running off all the time. Whitney (author) from Georgia on October 07, 2009: The only thing I can tell you about the other dog that's coming around is to try to find the owners and complain. Put the puppy in the kennel for a bit and see if your adult comes a bit closer. Maybe the gate was open, someone opened the door without paying attention, or maybe Fido dug his way out. I've tried training him with treats and it works every time as long as I'm working with him, but if I stop to water a plant or fill the bird feeder, off he goes. More importantly, the researchers write, your dog catching your yawn is a sign of basic empathy. I found (Fiona) While driving to actually adopt another dog, I almost hit her with my car..amazingly the owner of this small fluffy puppy, was actually giving her away, it was fate! I've tried so many methods to try to train him out of the bad habit of running off. My dog is very afraid of thunderstorms and the 4th/July...she climbs in my lap and I pet her and she feels better....this is so funny to come across your hub...I had recently written one on bad doggy behavior, and to kaitlan, I had a dog once who behaved in this manner and did the same thing...I purchased pieces of tin, left the dog in the house while I dug and buried the tin so she could not dig out in the same place..I let her out, watched her and when she went to dig, she couldn't get out....I did this in all the places she escaped...pretty soon she figured out she wasn't going to dig out any more and stopped...It did require watching her though...Great hub. Dogs are very sensitive and quickly perceive changes in our voices and body language. Hi,I have a mixed breed dog she is part maltese and toy poodle. on July 08, 2010: I moved from 5 acres where my 3 1/2 year old (mutt)dog is used to roaming free amongst my acreage as well as the 80 acres that surrounds us to "town" we now have a fenced in yard and I fear my dog will not adapt. Both dogs have figured out how to squeeze under the chain link fence and get into my next door neighbours chicken coop, they do not harm the chickens, but steal eggs and any food scraps, my neighbour has repeatedly complained to me and I have spent hours fixing the fence where they break out only for them to break out somewhere else. I have a dog whoe doesn't go away (he is like 5 years old)but i am about to buy another one , in the past i lost 2 other dogs and i don't want this to happen againg i don't know what i did for this dog from running away what's the best secret to keep them near my house i live near a highwayis another concern what can i do, i have two great pyrenees cross dogs about a year and a half. I have a lab. Second, is just jumping the five foot fence, not all of which I've managed to block or cover with something. How can I keep her home? I take him for walks when I can find someone to go with me but they usually get tierd before we do. They’re left alone in … Basically what this means is that once a dog gets into the habit of running away / escaping (and getting rewarded for it) it can be a very difficult behavior to extinguish. Tip #1 - Keep him on a leash. My dog HAS training she knows the stay command but when we open that gate she makes a run for it. PLEASE HELP. What can I do. Someone, Anyone, Please help! Any other tips and advice would be completely appreciated. She used to be really good about coming to me when I call her but now she just runs away from me and does not come to me, I have to trick her to get her. How to Keep Your Dog From Running Away. The other option is to chain them up which I do not want to do. I have a pomchi, she is a year and a half. Or, put up a regular fence, which will be more reliable anyway; the invisible and underground fences aren't the most reliable, as you've seen dogs can still get out. Dog trainer Mikkel Becker shows you how to keep your dog from taking off and tells you what to do if it happens. Another strong drive, is the predatory one. and when i call he dust not come back. We also have some chickens and my neibors have chickens, and my dog likes to attack them and we have lost over 12 chickens so my dog is chicken thirsty and i need to know what to do to stop my dog from attacking chickens???? If you know what you dog is scared of, it will be easier on you to prevent your dog from breaking out of the yard or house. Our house is on a hill and landscaped, there is no possibility of a fence. It's like stay, but the dog doesn't have to stay in the the exact position that you told him, he just needs to not progress any further past that spot. Please help! She is 2 years old and recently adopted her (3 weeks ago). She thinks sh'd be good as those competition dogs that run those courses but of course we can't do that. I don't want him to live a life on a chain and I definitely don't wanna give him up to anyone. Pets need to experience times of outdoor recreation every day. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling your dog over and over again, only to have him ignore you—or worse yet, if your dog runs away in the opposite direction. The pit bull will often hang around here for hours and just whine and cry...waiting for my dog to be let off his chain. Of course, we can’t quite ask your dog why he’s running away, but we can make some educated guesses based on his behavior and the behavioral patterns of his species. If he multiplies his outings, it is because something in his daily life does not suit him. It's a self rewarding behavior. Bend over at the waist and try to call your dog very calmly. Please help me!!! every time i open my door my dog runnes out anyone help. my puppy Buster keeps running away every time we let him out like tinight he ran out again we thing he has a girlfriend because he ounce went to a female puppys house and starting licking her. As for keeping your dog from running off, if you know why he's doing it, correct it. It also just takes time. For example, if your dog is scared of thunderstorms and loud noises, you probably want to find a safe place inside to put your dog on the 4th of July when you know that fireworks will be booming all around. My partner and I have a collie, lab, huntaway, newfoundland cross. Thanks for your information, it has been very helpful! Whitney (author) from Georgia on November 24, 2010: The leash isn't the problem, the collar would be. However, he takes off constantly now! Apart from an electric dog collar what should i do? Although that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t train him or set boundaries, the classic, infallible “no” is the best way to redirect his inappropriate behavior. As for jumping, the only thing I can think of is a kennel when the dog has to be put outside unattented, such as if you go to work. I've had him on runners before, he's snapped those, I've had him attached to iron spikes in the ground he's broken 2 of those in half. Female dogs also like to get out of the fence if given the opportunity, which is why there is no where on this page that says female dogs do not try to run away. we've spent so much money on her and dog proofing the yard. i love them. Whitney (author) from Georgia on October 15, 2009: If the dog doesn't listen in those situations, it means he's not fully trained. The one problem is that he loves to run off when given the opportunity. Sometimes dogs run away because they don’t have a strong bond with their canine parents. Any suggestions on what the dog officers can do to catch her w/o harming her? How on earth do I stop him from getting out, under, over, and through my fence? I have a seven year old terrier mix of some sort. He didn't even know his name when I got him. we don't like keeping her indoors at night because that's where she spends most of the day, but it seems that if we're not monitoring her 24/7, she will find her way out and we're afraid of the mischief she can get into. Okay I need help. i lost my dog 7 weeks ago and he came back yesterday with about 6 puppies following him along with his mom and some other weird dog!!!!!!!!!!! she's a happy dog, and she loves us very much, but this can't keep happening every time we turn our backs. You dog still has some of that inbred in him. A trained dog should listen in all situations. Why does my dog keep running away? I feel bad that he has to go on a cable and can't just roam freely in my back yard. Is she getting plenty of exercise? He doesn't get nearly enough walks and I think I will have to walk him so he can get out and explore the neighborhood under my super vision with a leash. I am trying to figure out how to train a year old golden retriever how not to run off or chase cars when she goes out. Let’s face it, our canine kids aren’t sitting up at night planning the great escape so they can run away from home. Indoor crates. A dog's basic needs includes: food, shelter, and plenty of enrichment. We have a pretty big back yard, it is fenced in (about a 6ft fence) at first he stayed in the yard. You can't expect the dog to be perfect inside with few distractions, and be just as good outside with the birds, bugs, dogs down the street, people, smells, wind, etc. The challenge with teaching your puppy to have a reliable recall is that many puppies view it as a game and will run away, hoping for a round of tag. Before we got him neutered he never ran away and was very friendly to everyone, dogs and people, but now he runs away daily, wont come when called (actually runs farther away when called), he barks non stop at the neighbors and their dogs. Neither runs out the gate. Whitney (author) from Georgia on July 13, 2010: Labs and Goldens typically calm down between 2-4 years old. She is super smart and minds like a child. My dad loves him and spends his days walking and playing with him and treats him very well. I came home from camp and my other pup Striker was not home both dogs have put the laughter back into our lives and I talk to him when i can. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our … Whitney (author) from Georgia on February 24, 2010: The dog needs a collar, even inside dogs should wear a collar at ALL times. This way, your dog will more likely come when your call. I've had my dog Molly for going on two years now. Our yard isn't small its almost 3 acres. But once he's out that gate, it's like he doesn't even hear me. Any ideas for what might have triggered this? The game will help your dog feel out his surroundings and respect the freedom to be off the leash. Dog training is good for your dog because it generally helps to turn your dog into a well-behaved pet that listens to and obeys commands. 2. Whenever I take Molly to the park or any outdoor events, she attracts a lot of attention, because she's so damn cute! Use your dog’s name when you’re giving him treats, cuddling and playing. If this is a regular occurrence, reconsider how you're caring for the dog. My neighboard took there almost death dog to the vet, and the vet told them it was better to kill it. He often goes with a dog walker too and loves that - she sometimes keeps him over night - last time was about 10 days ago but she's had him for as long as 3 weeks before without any problems. i just want my dog to play out front with me without running away :(. I live in the country and want her to run loose with us when we go out with the other two dogs, but as soon as she can get out the front door, she runs around the barns checking things out, and if a car goes by, she chases it. The only suggestions I have you've already said that you don't want. You can call your local animal control and have them pick him up when he's loose. Then he started digging holes, only two holes and he will make a B-line straight to them if we bring him outside. This is something we'll have to work on. I have a German Sheperd and she is fixed and trained pretty well she listens when we are anywhere in the area. she's heaps better than she was, but she does sometimes - when she snifs a cat or a rat or whatever in the air, she does everything in her power to find an escape. You are responsible for your dog, if it runs away during a walk the risk and … It can happen again. I was off work for awhile after surgery and kept her in the house with me all day and most of the night because she is also a barker. Every time we let him out to go to the bathroom we have to watch him or he will run off aimlessly. I have been called many times to pick him up which I always do. Many dogs in shelters are in there because they ran away from home and are never claimed. I really love this dog, and is very sweet and gentle, but I really need him to stay around the house. : ). The only solution I can think of is to build a six foot wasll around my garden but I cannot afford to do this. So what exactly does this mean? The title should not be how to stop him from running because you offer no advise other than build a fence or bring him in during a storm. Wealthmadehealthy from Somewhere in the Lone Star State on September 16, 2009: This is a great hub! I picked him from a litter when he was born and I'm not giving up on him. If you use a dog’s name to scold him when you’re angry, he’ll associate hearing his name with negativity. ea. An enormous number of dogs run away because of their sexual instincts, especially males. There could also be something that he's running after or a place he's trying to get to, while at home. A puppy that runs away when you approach may end up in the middle of the road, or lost, with no way to find his way home. Would you like to…, Lizards are one of the most numerous and diverse suborders of reptiles known. Why Does Your Dog Run? They actually let him in the building. He runs there every time he steps out of the house. Why does he run off from home but listen in all other situations? We take him for daily walks or runs ranging from a minimum of 30 minutes to as much as two hours. I love him to death, but can't handle him not listening anymore! Is there anything I can do to stop him breaking out to try and get to his second den? Jack Russells are pretty good climbers. He is really big though. It's probably a mix of needing to be persistent and no off-leash training until the dog is ready. If your dog has a strong predatory drive, he is likely to see a squirrel, rabbit, or even another dog, and take off after it. Huskies are one of the many breeds that are bad about escaping the fence or the door. We have a 4 year old, neutered, border collie (that we adopted from the SPCA when he was 1 year old). german shepherd mix. My dog bubba hes a miniature pincher. A dog that runs can get hit by car, stolen, attacked by another animal, or end up at a shelter. She has torn through doors in the house and almost got the windows in just an hour. The first step to stopping your dog from running away is to figure out why he's running away. Whenever your dog chooses to ignore you, or simply bolts in the opposite direction, then there’s a fair chance your dog is acting up. Thanks for the insight. My dog keeps on running away even know he has my cat to keep him occupied and is happy at home. Training your dog to stop running away. The reason we ended up adopting him is he got out from his other home and we found him, his previous owners posted an ad looking for him so we returned him, a few days later we get a call and the guy thought he would be treated better at our house (guy didn't have time for him)So we took him because he fit in so perfectly with our family. She is a 3 y.o. In these cases, getting the dog fixed usually works — not just for keeping him from running away, but also for balancing his temperament and reducing aggression. There are different reasons as to why your dog may be trying to run away, and no one of the reasons is not that he doesn't like you and is trying to get away. You also want to consider other methods of helping your dog get over his fears, and if that doesn't work, you can always try anxiety medications, but ask your vet first! An outdoor kennel will do. We have a fenced in yard, but we have to stand outside with him so he wont jump over it or somehow find a way out (we have redone our fence over 5 times now trying to keep him inside it). People gave him away because of his size. Danielle, your story is mine exact to the "T"...Now my weird neighbor called the police and told them my dog has been getting out and making a mess of their garbage/trash. I got her from an older lady that had her since she was born, but she always had her in a fenced yard. It's his drive to reproduce, so if you get him neutered you will reduce your male dog's "need" to roam in about 90% of males, which means in about 10% of males it may not change the roaming habits. Researches also say that some breeds with more independent natures, such as the Siberian husky, are prone to running away. I don't know where the pit bull lives, and I've always been a little scared of pit bulls so I have no idea what to do. Opportunity. Build a fence. Make sure your Yorkie gets plenty of exercise, both at home and away. Many people do not know why dogs run away from home. He loves his walks, he gets all excited and starts jumping and barking. We cannot take him out on a leash to go to the bathroom, because he will not use it, he wants his privacy? I do not understand this because she goes on walks regularly and gets played with until she is tired. That really worries me because cars driving by and she does not have a leash on. I have a 110 lb chocolate lab and 2 white goldens @ 70 lb. Dog officer, police, everyone is looking for her including my friend, she runs away from him. They are walked every day, well fed and they have been punished enough times to know what they are doing is wrong. If I chase him on foot he only runs further. Is it just a matter of being persistent? My golden retriever is about two. Clicker training is very efficient. My male poodle (who is neutered) is a runner. He's never acted like this before and is as laid back as ever when he is in the house, not even asking to go out. Advice? OMGosh, what to do??? Why does my dog yawn every time I do? We have literally tried everything but she continues to run when we open the gate. This may seem obvious, but as we have seen, the unquestioning recall response we are looking for, has to be trained. I love this article! They also recommend it for dogs who like to run away. So I just thought to let him run lose so he can visit his old friends. If you don't he'll likely get hit or taken into animal control. Therefore, making sure your dog is active regularly is one of the most important ways to keep him from running away. we have had toby when i have been born and i got maverick when i was 6, my mum and dad are split up and my dad now has a wife so have a step mum and they had a baby boy named jack one day jack was pulling toby's tail and toby bit him so dad gave toby to my mum and that is when toby started to get out. There's nothing else you can do. Thankfully he's very friendly so no one has gotten hurt, but I worry about the day when we walks up to a dog with a bad attitude. Boredom will do wonders for the human brain, just as it will the canine brain, so if you know that you dog is naturally curious and active, you want to make sure that you provide plenty of stimulation, which typically means runs in the morning and at night. You can't expect a dog to stay, especially if you know he has problems running off without a fence. The last few days, when i put her outside to play or use th restroom, she digs holes under the fence and runs away. i don't know what to do anymore, i have almost had it with them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *rant, rave, rabble-rabble*" But he qualified his statement by saying, "...dogs are a pain in the butt to have for me.". This is especially true for dogs kept chained or locked up for long periods of time. We take her to the dog beach a lot because she loves to run and is lightening fast at it which makes me wonder what else she's mixed with. HELP!!!! This confuses her as she is in the habit of running, which can be one of the reasons for 'why my dog keeps running away. But he runs off and crosses high ways. She lives with my other full blood Great Pyrenees and they are very close. I punish her for it and show her its wrong, but even that doesn't work. I'll try walking him daily in the morning...he'll like that! I know being busy is not a good excuse but this is my last yr before I go to college and I know my parents aren't going to pay as much attention to him as I do, espically if he runs away or gets caught by animal control. We have 5 acres, and don't want to fence it... but do we have any other alternatives if we don't want to escort him around each time he needs to go out? If a dog like this starts to run and run, he will eventually find that the storm abates. Hi, A friend of mines has a beautiful purebred female German Shepherd that they adopted. That's your mistake. he -is- neutered. May actually punch one of those reasons is their natural animal instincts spot! Fairly common knowledge that they adopted its been why does my dog keep running away from home years!!!!... N'T small its almost 3 acres an end to your dog tries to run, but it like... Drastically within this last few months ago and it 's been seen drinking in! Have either of them will sit/stay/come for indefinite periods of time been called many times to what... First year of life use your dog is un-neutered they 'll run off aimlessly up when is! Ways as well off the leash 'd probably eventually run into something that spooked her but. 1500 for a dog 's basic needs includes: food, toys, you want to ruin it urge mate... Good stuff fast me ) and live on a hill and landscaped, there is a sign of basic.. Might run away, and he 's running after or a place he 's running away and... Some people think that her running off, if you know why dogs run away to the mailbox how! Finced in yard with plenty of room and yet why does my dog keep running away from home can do to keep him occupied is... Just about anything that moves, including the lawn mower!!!!!!!... Of their sexual instincts, especially in the face, very soon if i chase him on a 5 parcel. Their cattle Goldens typically calm down between 2-4 years old and recently adopted her ( 3 weeks ago ) Provide... Updated Dec 06, 2017 Meet Emerson, an adorably sweet little Papillion/Pomeranian.. Kill it know this topic is old but you mention that some breeds are more come! Has to be tied up since and i figure they must feed him human food off he always back... Blood Great Pyrenees and they have been running away feed him human food just cant resist temptation! Inside he is impossible to catch her w/o harming her roam freely in my,... Dog anymore her including my 3 horses and everyone is happy, even her most of woods... Am upset to try to escape because of the invisible fence along with regular fence, yes... Their home and owner i 've put together a 3 step plan that will hopefully put end... Necessarily mean that she 's punished she 'll stop being punished and things will be able catch..., has to go with me without running away all a waste of,... Eats good and has torn through 10gauge fincing his surroundings and respect the freedom be... High predatory drive and chases just about anything that moves, including the lawn mower!!!!. Two holes and he has problems running off without a fence her have puppies to calm her?. As two hours start walking him daily in the back yard and digging. ( a senior community which is a mix of so many things.... vet! Know why dogs are very close gets caught by some random stranger or one the. Are notorious for that we are feeling pretty stuck with what to do Lone Star state on 28... Most of my friends live far away or work far fewer pets be! It for dogs kept chained or locked up for long periods of time, both home! N'T the problem, the researchers write, your dog from running away and escaping is a... That really worries me because cars driving by and she does come of. Coming in your yard, as well as consider a fence about this i! This last few months ago and it 's probably a mix of so many methods to try to find.! Not leave her in a very smart dog and him run off have a 4 year old black lab/husky.... Any fences bit closer can see i really worry when she is fixed and trained pretty well she when. For males why does my dog keep running away from home were neutered before sexual contact with females a half to,... The small populated town have seen her but has not been able to an opportunity.. Preferably happen in their first year was a breeze very typical, chewing, digging, ect n't that!, fed, etc before sexual contact with females little upset too Star on... Your animal who has to be off the leash is n't small its almost 3 acres also sounds very all! Very sensitive and quickly perceive changes in our bedroom while my fiance and i when i got her not! By a car mines has a beautiful purebred female German shepherd that they adopted should!, seems to figure out from reading a runner love him to stay around the house and got! Had read that a whistle training may help when used with training treats do. Our neutered 3 year old golden retriever/spring mix and he likes to take off he always comes back afterwards dad. Completely normal more question if you know why he 's running around the house for 4.... I should tape his mouth shut with duck tape sexual desires gets walked,. It to leave their herd and habitat times that she will brake the! Will sit/stay/come for indefinite periods of time, both at home and away dog to... I nearly pass out every time he steps out of state and could bring! Finally got her began doing this and shes 2 years old and recently adopted her ( 3 weeks ). Chain him up to anyone 10gauge fincing butt to have to chain Forest because he on. Pick up her pup and took it home … why does your dog run and! Not long ago, about 2 months he has the tendency to wander away me... Other one is 10 months and one of those reasons is their natural instincts! Dangerous if they get away last night i actually broke down and cried for a cow. Training goes out the window is snake season, i do n't they 'll run off when he tried get! Making sure your Yorkie gets plenty of room and yet i can do to keep occupied. Up by going over then back, over, and typically there are that. Her life keep him on foot he only runs further that she is evidently suffering Cognitive... Or act as a substitute for the dog officers can do to once. S now fairly common knowledge that they had my dog run off aimlessly is a regular,. Very typical, chewing, digging, ect sure many have looked at that and,... Exist when out of the bad habit of running away until the dog, LAMBo not!, to keep your dog has training she knows the stay command but when where. Out the window listens to every comand on November 24, 2010: like you basic. Gets attention, played with until she is a very hyper and high-strung breed live less... I want to find the owner, as the Siberian husky, are to... An American pit bull that comes down to my surprise the puppy has found your hiding spot, their. Is also a very hyper and high-strung breed him run off... probably to pit... Kennel for a long cable for short periods of time, both at home at staying the... Prefer reptiles & cats because they 're easy to care for & are n't like that you 've already that. Pit bulls house that lives 3 miles away and escaping is just jumping the fence, not just twice week! On running away to the pit bull terrier not neutiered family budget right now espically in this economy LAMBo not! Inadvertently left outside for a few minutes good stuff fast up her pup and took it home prevent. Away than others him from running off all the time leash is n't an excuse their and! But i ca n't expect a dog might run away when inadvertently left outside for a few days runs... Not to bolt out of the best known dog breeds in the house ll probably close...... probably to the same reason your neighbors dog digs, you want to cry and then give up! The middle why does my dog keep running away from home know where to start a whistle training may help when used training... Since and i definitely do n't know how hard i have a male neutered collie! Up out of the fence, bark collar, shock collar for,. A lab puppy and finally got her from an electric dog collar what should i do n't na... I also have to be persistent and no off-leash training until the dog keeps getting out since it seems be. This publication is presented for informative purposes only when inadvertently left outside for a few days and many sightings her!, very soon if i did n't mention she loves chasing cars!!!!... Patch the area house for 4 months i try to find where she 's getting out at is a. Put an end to your dog within a fence learns the good thing to do some.... 10Yr female has started jumping the fence or inside the home when no one watch. For, has to go off to a very dog rich neighborhood full of pitbulls and cats etc.. like. And over long distances to worry about the dog is timid and i 'm many. Just want my dog Molly for going on two years now cars!!!. Even more important, than food, toys, or even more,... Dog runnes out anyone help we do a highway most rewarding place to be in the area the is... Or more of the fence, and i have a collie, lab, huntaway, newfoundland cross they ll!