In fact, independent labs prove Arag-Alive!™ cycles days faster than other brands of live sand. South Seas Base Rock can also be an interesting and realistic addition to a desert reptile biome. Average Density: 93 pounds per cubic foot With the highest solubility of any reactor media available (metastable at 8.2) it's typical CO2 consumption is much lower. Learn More. Size: 40 lbs Verified Purchase. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1 . Booster bacteria pack included. Recommended: CaribSea Seafloor Special Grade Reef Sand. It buffers automatically for the life of the aquarium. Item: 05832, 5 lb; 00832, 20 lb; 00862, 50 lb, Typical Size: 3.0 - 5.0mm Contains:381000 ppm Calcium, 590000 ppm Carbonate, 7390 ppm Strontium, 1050 ppm Magnesium, 56 ppm Potassium.About 69 pounds per cubic foot1 gal (00525), 50 lb (00555). It’s an aquarium tune up every time you use it! Precision grading makes system design a breeze! LifeRock™ is infused with bacteria using AragAlive™ technology which results in a reduction of traditional cycling times. Consider the Coraline™ products in brackish or Cichlid aquariums (Central American or African). Item: 05874, 5 lb; 00874, 20 lb; 00894, 50 lb, Typical Size: 3.0 - 10.0mm Red Sea Reef Pink - Live Aragonite Sand 10 kg 0,5-1,5mm riff-Aquaristik-lange. Our suggestion for the best live sand for a natural reef aquarium. Zum Hauptinhalt Hallo, Anmelden Konto und Listen Anmelden Konto und Listen Warenrücksendungen und Bestellungen Entdecken Sie Prime Einkaufswagen. And now new Shrooms™ that are ideal for pinnacles and as frag platforms. The bold colors of all the Cichlid Mixes encourage the vibrant, natural coloration of your fish. CaribSea Aragonite Aquarium Sand, 10 lbs. Seasoned hobbyists and beginners alike appreciate the ease of maintaining water quality as much as the beauty of these substrates. Blackwater conditions may be found in the deep jungle Amazon and Orinoco basins, the Congo River basin and its tributaries including the Oubangui, the Indian Subcontinent, Indonesia, including Borneo, ephemeral jungle ponds and puddles, and the southern United States in seasonally flooded forests and mangrove surrounded brackish tide pools and creeks. Item: 05820, 5 lb; 00820, 20 lb; 00850, 50 lb, Typical Size: 1.0 - 2.0mm Each piece of LifeRock™ has multiple engineered aragonite coatings that not only maintain the extensive macro-and micro- porosity but yield the soft muted colors of a living reef. This is very handy because you get to choose the size that works best for your tank. Weight. Caribsea Mineral Mud 1 Gallon. Package Sizes: 1 qt jar about 1 1/2 pounds, (00379), The benefits of mud without the mess - a proven performer. Tap to zoom. Gratis Versand durch Amazon schon ab 29€. Average Density: 73 pounds per cubic foot Average Density: 99 pounds per cubic foot 16 oz bottle, (#00540) Natures Ocean Natural White Aragonite Live Sand 0,5-1,7 mm 9,07 kg. This unique, uniformly graded material fits the pH and mineral requirements of the most sensitive freshwater fauna and flora, without the muddy texture and crumbling often seen with other brands. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. New CoralUp™ and CoralUp™ B are an innovative new way to grow and maintain a healthy and vibrant reef tank. Live Reef Sand, Aragonite Special Grade Dry Sand 40lbs, Florida Crushed Coral Dry Sand, Aragonite Fiji Pink Dry Sand 40lbs, 20 lb. Package Sizes (CoralUp™): Contains:416000 ppm Calcium, 577000 ppm Carbonate, 3300 ppm Strontium, 1400 ppm Magnesium, 56 ppm Potassium.About 70 pounds per cubic foot1 gal (00531), 50 lb (00551). Reefing education and supplies since 2007. 40 lb Box Product # 00376 It’s ready to work, clears quickly, and contains millions of live bacteria to cycle super fast and create a natural biological balance. CaribSea. CaribSea Seaflor Super Reef is not only bright white substrate in all its through and through, but also a decorative highlight and pure "miracle mineral" at the same time. Average Density: 72 pounds per cubic foot £37.35 Caribsea Arag-Alive Fiji Aquarium Sand, 10-Pound, Pink. With LifeRock™ you will get the look of an established reef from Day 1. Own a sliver of the sunlit Sri Lankan gravel streams famous for sapphires and rubies. Betta Leaf™ and the somewhat larger Jungle Leaf™ are the perfect addition to your tropical environment. Eco‑Complete™ is packed in a water conditioning solution for immediate results! Average Density: 96 pounds per cubic foot This dissolves in situ; delivering calcium, strontium, magnesium, and carbonate right where it’s needed. 7,565,883). Ideal for mud refugiums, seagrasses, macro-algaes, and mangroves, Mineral Mud™ provides a variety of trace elements plus calcium, strontium, iron, sulfur and free carbon. EUR 39,90. It’s time for something truly revolutionary in reef keeping, CoralUp™ and CoralUp™ B. The ideal substrate for shrimp and planted aquaria. Because CoralUp™ is so concentrated with calcium it requires twice the alkalinity to balance. CaribSea Dry Aragonite Special Grade Reef Sand 15 lb by CaribSea - Finden Sie alles rund um ihr Tier bei Amazon. Sponsored. These leaves can also be used as a forest floor substrate for arthropods, tropical reptiles and amphibians. Caribsea Aragonite Oolite Sugar Sand 30lb / 13.6kg Caribsea Aragamax Aragonite Oolite Sugar Sand is a calcium-rich aragonite marine substrate, packed with beneficial bacteria. Average Density: 85 pounds per cubic foot These are coarser materials suitable for most undergravel filtration and fish systems or as an accent for finer sands anywhere where elevated pH values are desirable. Reef Sand, 16.. Floramax™ - Reduce the need for laterite type supplements in planted aquaria. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot This results in high counts of natural and beneficial bacteria with no noxious buildup of metabolic by‑products. Item: 00830, 15 lb. Average Density: 72 pounds per cubic foot Sponsored Products. Cloudy water is caused by fine suspended particles. In addition, Mineral Mud™ contains live marine bacteria to complete the tropical ecosystem. CaribSea’s African Cichlid substrates can help recreate a variety of environments. $5.39 reg $9.99. 1 5 5. Roll over image to zoom. Typical Size: 0.5 - 1.5mm With Seaflor Super Reef you get the ideal substrate for reef construction. Get your frags seated faster on this preconditioned rubble! Each box is different, and every rock is too. Original (12 inch)  Product # 00389, Tree (left) (16 inch height) Product # 00369, Shroom™ (right) (12 inch height) Product #00367. Instant Amazon™ Blackwater Solution brings the jungle right to your aquarium. Over the next 100 millennia and the retreat of the ocean, this ancient piece of seafloor, now well inland, has formed a pure, aragonite-bearing rock. Typical Size: 0.5 - 1.0mm Item: 00770, 20 lb, Typical Size: 3.0 - 6.0mm 4.4 out of 5 stars 33. A high magnesium reactor media. Average Density: 95 pounds per cubic foot Fast Delivery . This base has an amazing 50% void space which will provide residence for billions of water-purifying bacteria. It also looks quite beautiful and smooth. Particles caught in the filter are broken down by bacteria, and suspended bacteria are now repositioned onto strata where they are most efficient. Aragonite Substrates - Recognized globally for their purity and precision. LifeRock™ is a superior rock of true marine origin without hitchhikers, organics, or algae. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot … Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for CaribSea 40 Lbs ARAGONITE Special Grade Reef Sand 8479000507 at the best online prices at eBay! Average Density: 87 pounds per cubic foot get 25% off your order of $50+ when you buy online and pick up in store. Moani™ has subtle colors similar to natural live rock but without the pests. CaribSea’s Cichlid products naturally buffer for the life of the aquarium simplifying the process of matching water quality parameters to the Great Rift Lakes of Africa. Average Density: 90 pounds per cubic foot 16 oz bottle, (#00530). Enjoy the perfect refugium and so much more with Rubble Zone™. Average Density: 95 pounds per cubic foot Reviewed in the United States on April 8, 2019 . PurpleUp™ - uses a unique dual method approach to coralline algae acceleration. Moani™ is a high-porosity, real, aragonitic rock that is infused with living, spored bacteria to provide a fast start-up with compressed cycling time. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot 8 oz bottle, (#08540) Aragonite sand comes in a wide selection of grain sizes nowadays – from extremely fine grains to large ones suited for tanks with a strong water flow. Eight environmentally accurate ecoscapes, developed through CaribSea’s cooperation with public aquariums and zoological parks where authenticity is a must, Arag-Alive!™ makes any aquarium uniquely yours. All natural, no paints, dyes, or plastic coatings. stock up & save! Item: 05823, 5 lb; 00823, 20 lb; 00853, 50 lb, Typical Size: 5.0 - 26.0mm Average Density: 95 pounds per cubic foot ARM™ Extra Coarse is still a complete reactor media containing not only calcium and carbonate, but essential trace elements as well. Ready Water™ - Start your aquarium on the right foot and be certain that you are making your planted aquarium water changes with the best quality water possible. NOTE: Despite the name, this sand is NOT very pink. Ohne Chemikalien oder Konservierungsstoffe. Typical Size: 0.5 - 1.5mm Versatile, fine dry sand. Caribsea Eco Complete Planted Aquarium 20lbs 9.072kg. Customers Also Viewed. No molds, no plastic; real calcium carbonate rock based formations complete with living, spored bacteria and the most realistic colors of any marine rock. Red Sea Live Reef Base Aragonite Sand Pink 10kg. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot Item: 00771, 20 lb. Arag-Alive!™ makes it easy to set up an aquarium. Instant Amazon™ is available as: 8 ounce bottles; UPC: 0 08479 08541 2 16 ounce bottles; UPC: 0 08479 00541 0. CaribSea Ocean Direct in der extra feinen Körnung. Consequently, Instant Amazon™ is ideal for those soft water inhabitants such as discus, bettas, tetras, corys, angelfish, gouramis, arowanas, barbs, and freshwater shrimp. Because of this we now offer ARM™ Coarse for rapid upflow type reactors that have become so popular. It is Ready-Water™ after all! Package Sizes:10 lb net bag (#00372); 40 lb box (#00370); 500 lb pallet (#00373); 1000 lb pallet (#00374)Shelf Rock 40 lb box (#00371). Typical Size: 0.25 - 7.0mm With CoralUp’s™ unique dual method approach to calcium supplementation, (both ionic and high surface area, highly concentrated mineral phase) this formula allows you to add nearly three times the calcium of other brands without over dosing, and while growing coral in a more natural , ocean-like pH, calcium, and alkalinity environment. The bold look of Floramax™ helps bring out the color of your aquarium fish, and makes your plants stand out as well. Store Pickup & Save. Carib Sea ACS00050 Aragonit Reef Sand für Aquarium, 18 kg: Haustier. Typical Size: 0.5 - 1.5mm Average Density: 94 pounds per cubic foot Richie. Our top pick for best overall live sand is this aragonite product from Nature’s Ocean—its mix of live bacteria instantly works to remove harmful ammonia and nitrites and maintain a healthy pH level. 125. Item: 05840, 5 lb; 00840, 20 lb; 00870, 50 lb, Typical Size: 0.25 - 0.75mm And CoralUp™ B, used in a 2:1 ratio to CoralUp™, provides the alkalinity and pH support. Average Density: 92 pounds per cubic foot At the same time Super Sea Calcium™ (a 10 micron aragonite powder derived from natural seawater) targets the live rock surface. Out of stock. More Ways To Treat Your Pet. Live sand made from aragonite, a form of calcium carbonate, is a favorite of many aquarists thanks to its lack of silicates, which can cause algae problems in your tank. Meet Moani™ the safe, reliable and affordable alternative to wild-collected live rock. Item: 20 lb bag (00773), Typical Size: 4.0 - 10.0mm Red Sea Live Reef Base - Live Sand in Ocean White oder Reef Pink. CORALine™ - Natural dramatic colors and textures combined with pH support characterize our Coraline™ and Seaflor™ products. These open, light shapes not only provide lots of cover and “play area” for fish, but provide nice nooks and shelf areas for inverts too. AQUANATURAL Oolitic Aragonite 10lb Aquarium Sand for Reef… Jawfish, blennies and burrowing crustaceans will especially appreciate the extra “construction material.” Our substrates are purposely engineered and free of impurities such as ash, metals, pesticides, and silica; which allows you to create a safe and beautiful environment for your fish and invertebrates. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot Calcium reactors have evolved into several types that require different media sizes. Why 2:1? Item: 00121, 20 lb; 00141, 40 lb, Typical Size: 2.5 - 5.5mm Package Sizes: It is clean and safe for marine, reef and hard water freshwater aquariums such as African cichlids. The most popular brand of aragonite sand is CaribSea. The result? Maintains the high pH that African Cichlids need while helping to resist pH drops associated with Cichlid systems. Original (12 inch)  Product # 00389 20 lb Box Product # 00377, XL (24 inch) Product # 00396 Average Density: 91 pounds per cubic foot 114624 Red Sea Ocean White - Live Aragonite Sand - 0,25-1 mm 10kg (R22635) 34,90 EUR (3,49 EUR pro kg) inkl. Average Density: 54 pounds per cubic foot Reviews | Answered Questions. Previous page. EUR 17,27 (EUR 3,80/kg) EUR 5,90 Versand. Echter karibischer Live Sand in einer atmungsaktiven Tüte. Durch die zum Patent angemeldete Sea BreatheTM Lasertechnologie ist es gelungen, eine Verpackung herzustellen, die atmet, ohne dass Feuchtigkeit nach außen dringt. Shop Now. Package Sizes: 8 oz bottle, (#08524) 16 oz bottle, (#00524) 1 Gallon jug, (#01524). Nano Arch (8 inch) Product # 00356, Mega Cave (16 inch) Product # 00398 Item: 00890, 12 lb; 00891, 32 lb, Typical Size: 3.0 - 6.0mm Every grain of Ocean Direct™ is coated with bacteria and encapsulated by capillary action in a thin film of real ocean water. Item: 20 lb bag (00223); 50 lb bag (00253). Nature Perfected, Nature Protected, that’s LifeRock™ from CaribSea. Arag-Alive!™ suppresses the dreaded “new tank syndrome”, compresses the ammonia cycle, and discourages nuisance algae. Create a supernatural experience by re-creating the natural world in your home.