Uther won the duel but, before he died, Tristan swore that he would rise from the dead and have his revenge. Arthur chanced upon her during a hunting trip and spent a week as her guest as she showed him the murals of Lancelot which she had painted in his room as her guest, possibly to get in good fervour with him. Female Morgana, therefore, continued in her attempts to take Arthur's throne, eventually succeeding in conquering Camelot once again. Nevertheless even Morgana's remarkable resilience had its limits and she would have died if not for Aithusa (The Crystal Cave, A Servant of Two Masters, The Sword in the Stone). Morgana is the only main character who has never encountered, Morgana is the first and last character (on-screen) in. Morgana once used telekinesis to cause her dagger to follow Merlin wherever he moved, which would have been certain death for him had Alator not intervened and, catching her by surprise, knocked Morgana out with a stunning spell (The Secret Sharer). Gorlois was probably the person that Morgana felt closest to during her early childhood. Merlin soon finds the mandrake root and suspects Morgana, following her when she goes to meet Morgause. When Morgana was taken away by Morgause, Gwen appeared to miss her, but after Morgana's return, it became obvious that her experiences had changed her. Yes, she was his mother and his father was Arthur. She gave Morgana the Phoenix Eye to give to Arthur for his quest to claim The Fisher King's trident so it would kill him (The Eye of the Phoenix). What if magic isn't something you choose? Merlin later discovers that Morgause made Morgana the vessel for the sleeping plague, unbeknownst to Morgana herself. The spell gave the impression to the people of Camelot that their king may be losing his mind and would be unfit to rule. Morgan Le Fay is said to be the daughter of Gorlois, Duke of Cornwall, and of his wife, Igraine. As she was born in the house of Gorlois, no one doubted her parentage. Enemies: Arthur's expression slowly turned thunderous as he realised what it meant and with a quiet anger in his voice, he asked incredulously, "My sister Merlin! However, conflicted and weighed by her conscience, she repents of her intention at the last minute when confronted with the realisation that Uther cares for her. However, he rushes to save her and dies in the process. However, while she had great skill in casting complex spells, she had little experience using magic in direct combat, as shown when she directly engaged Merlin in a magical duel. Morgana, snatching Arthur's ring from around Gwen's neck, formulates a plan, now aware of the nearby hunting party. What you're about to do will affect everyone. However, she realises Uther would never alter his persecution, and that should he ever discover her true nature he will execute her. As Arthur left, Morgana notices a nervous Merlin at the door and calls him inside, telling him she knows he poisoned her, and in response, he swears he did not want to, to which she smiles faintly and informs him she understands why he does it. 1 Background 1.1 Personality 2 Merlin 3 Gallery 4 Navigation Morgana is portrayed as being vengeful, ruthless, embittered, cold and calculating. She is a highly isolated and darkened character who resembles her biological father far more than she cares to admit since she, like Uther Pendragon, has suffered greatly on an emotional level and is unwilling to let go of past suffering. Arthur Pendragon †MerlinGuinevere PendragonGaiusCamelotQuesting BeastCornelius SiganAfanc +Alator †Uther Pendragon †Kanen †Kendrick †Aredian †Sophia †Aulfric †MithianRodorGwaine †ElyanKnights of CamelotSarrum †Catrina (Troll) †The Knights of the Round TableGuardKilgharrah Morgause studied magic for many years, eventually becoming a very powerful sorceress, acting to take her revenge on King Uther Pendragon. With it, Uther secures a brief alliance with Gorlois, the Duke of Cornwall, but Uther's lust for Cornwall's wife Igrayne soon ruins the truce. She swears at his grave that she will avenge him, and does not hesitate to kill her allies when they do not bring her closer to finding Arthur, displaying that even after he betrayed her twice, she still cared for him (The Diamond of the Day). This act caused Morgana to form a close bond with the young Dragon and also showed that although she was evil she was still capable of love since she genuinely cared about Aithusa. Her love for that creature made her suffer more than she ever thought possible. Afterwards, Morgana visits Uther in the dungeons, mockingly calling him "father". Morgana Pendragon in a warm embrace with her sister. However, Morgause seemed to ostensibly treat Morgana as an equal and did genuinely care for her as she chose to save her life over destroying Camelot. Though he was shamelessly using her for his own purposes, Alvarr seemed genuinely humbled when she freed him and was evidently grateful for all she had done. Morgana resisted attending this celebration, expressing to Uther her sympathy for Mary Collins and her abhorrence for the Great Purge because of the lives taken to accomplish Uther's endeavour to eliminate magic from Camelot. She was protective of Mordred to the extent that she attempted to smuggle him out of Camelot, stating that she was risking her life because there was a "bond" between them like nothing she had ever felt before. Despite his show of repentance, however, Uther continued to sentence people in his campaign against magic, and Morgana became more and more distressed, being convinced that she had been wrong to think he was capable of change. Morgana brings the plans to Helios, failing to realise she has just walked past Gwen, who was captured by Helios’ raiding party. Morgana persuades a young boy named Daegal to lure Merlin directly to her trap. Later, when Morgause sneaks into Camelot to see her, a bitter Morgana reveals her discovery. In the same episode, she was almost killed by a group of Serkets. Arthur's Bane is real. Uncharacteristically, Merlin was shown to be very cold towards Morgana and vice versa. He said with a smile and began to look for the strange lady.Morgana just began to look something to eat, for some reason she had a lot f For the suns position she could say that it was like ten o'clock in the morning. Because she and co-star. Morgana seemed enthralled by her sister, and even when crowned Queen of Camelot, it appeared that Morgause remained the one in control since her rule was one of cruelty, something that she had previously fought against. She refuses any further cooperation with Morgana, commenting that she was mad with grief and allowed Morgana to manipulate her. Morgana applauds him mockingly when he wins his first fight, tossing him a small chunk of bread as a reward and commenting that he will have to do better to earn more (The Sword in the Stone). Agravaine later informs Morgana that the people of Camelot will swear allegiance to none but Arthur, so she orders their crops to be burnt to force their loyalty, by which even Agravaine seems perturbed. But most importantly, it will bring our enemies to their knees. She remained with her family until she was about ten years old, at which point Gorlois was killed by enemies of Camelot because Uther failed to send his best friend the promised reinforcements. The reunion was clearly tense with Morgana's expression conflicted as Arthur commented he "thought we were friends", to which she, evidently torn, replied, "as did I". Morgause was born into one of the noble houses of Camelot, the house of Gorlois - though the man himself is not her father as Morgause and Morgana referred to one another as \"sister\" once Morgana's true parentage (that of Uther) was known; her mother, Vivienne, the wife of Gorlois, is als… Morgana is immediately aware of Uther's death and when Agravaine comes to her she appears vulnerable, commenting that she felt Uther's pain as he died and seems disturbed by the idea of her biological father's death. She also had some level of telepathy as she was the only person other than Merlin able to hear Mordred speaking mentally (The Beginning of the End). Morgana rules for some time and tries to get the Knights of Camelot to pledge themselves to her, but regardless of the fact that she claimed to be Uther's daughter, the knights are loyal to the King and refuse to obey her. Morgana, evidently hurt from Mordred's betrayal. Race: Morgause tries to make Morgana promise not to do anything rash, but Morgana's anger towards Uther becomes frenzied. Uther is dragged to the throne room where he is forced onto his knees to watch Morgana's coronation, devastated to finally discover his own daughter's betrayal. Don't think I don't understand loyalty just because I've got no one left to be loyal to. Arthur's gift to her is, on Merlin's inadvertent advice, an ornate jeweled dagger, and Morgause sends a mirror with a message asking Morgana to meet her that night. Alvarr did fight but was captured and brought back to Camelot where Uther ordered him to be executed at dawn. The sisters were united to start planning the attack of Camelot (The Fires of Idirsholas). Biographical Information Creating a grave for him, she buries him and swears to him that Arthur will meet his doom. The confrontation is highly tense with Morgana appearing conflicted at the sight of Arthur, who sadly remarks he thought they were friends, to which Morgana replies "as did I". After turning his back on Arthur and delivering Emrys' true name to her, Mordred is the one she was able to forgive, even after he tried to kill her twice, and when he died at the hands of Arthur, she swore vengeance at her friend's grave. Three years after their last encounter Morgana's hatred of Arthur seems only to have intensified. She helps Merlin and Arthur defeat the Afanc that Nimueh used to poison the water supply despite them telling her it is too dangerous (The Mark of Nimueh). The relationship between Morgana and Aithusa. After this, Arthur admits that he hates her, however, it is unclear if he only said this to gain Sarrum's trust or if he has actually given up on his sister (The Hollow Queen). Hurt and angry that he lied to her all her life and feeling he disowned her to uphold his reputation as "the perfect king", she retrieves the dagger Arthur gave her for her birthday, intending to kill Uther that very night. With no one in her way, Morgana enters Uther's chambers and stands over him with the dagger as foreseen by Merlin, but as she is about to murder Uther, Merlin races into the doorway and uses his magic to cause an explosion which shatters the window and throws Morgana back, dropping the dagger. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Morgause attacks Merlin but Gaius intervenes and Merlin attacks her with magic, causing her to slam into a stone column and allowing Merlin to empty the cup to destroy the army. When Morgause's sleeping plague fell over Camelot, Arthur left Morgana alone with a sleeping Uther, handing her his sword so she could protect both herself and the king, and a fearful Morgana did not act against Uther, instead choosing to stay with him and wait for Arthur to return. I would do anything for you, you know that. Morgana told him she had known he was her father for some time, and while the guards held him on his knees, Uther watched his daughter be crowned Camelot's new queen. Morgause later attacked Merlin when he attempted to retrieve the Cup of Life. Morgause genuinely cared for her half-sister Morgana, who seemed to be the only person for whom she had any affection. Her helmet has an emerald encrusted slightly above her forehead, and she wears a green prosthetic where her left hand once was, which was because her hand was cut off by Merlin. The High Priestess also can't understand how despite all her powers Arthur continues to defy her. I think that Morgana and Morgause mother has magic and was killed by Uther. Uther hugs Morgana, relieved to have her back. He took certain liberties with Morgana and seemed attracted to her, commenting that he would hold her to her promise of rewarding him once Camelot was conquered. Merlin fights her, albeit rather clumsily in comparison to Morgana's polished swordsmanship, and in the end is forced to use magic to overcome her, causing the stone ceiling to come crashing down on her. In the second-season episode, "The Nightmare Begins", he, with the assistance of Mordred, rescued Morgana from a group of serkets, and later healed the injury she sustained from one of the creatures. Enemies: Swords...swordswoman. Morgana and Morgause eventually succeed in getting the Cup when a slave trader named Jarl tips off Arthur's location. Morgana and Helios discuss their plans, therefore allowing Gwen to overhear their intended siege. For some unknown reason, Gaius was asked to smuggle the infant Morgause out of Camelot and give her to the High Priestesses of the Old Religion. The High Priestess swears to avenge Mordred's death. Unlike Morgana, Morgause was delighted by this since it meant she was of the royal line, albeit unrecognized and illegitimate, which meant Morgana could potentially take the throne when Uther died, provided that Arthur did not stand in the way. Family: First I want you to suffer as I suffered. Arthur and Morgana, in one of Camelot's feasts for Arthur's victory. By the time she returned to Camelot, all of Morgana's previous affections had been transferred solely to Morgause and she was completely loyal to her. She was smuggled out of … Gaius found the bracelet and informed Uther that only Morgana's half-sister would be able to wear such a bracelet besides herself, revealing Morgause's true fate and admitting to Uther that he made a oath which he was only breaking now because he feared Morgause's intentions. Morgana, shocked and enraptured, opens her eyes to see Aithusa who briefly looks back at her before flying away, leaving her fate unknown (The Sword in the Stone). In a last display of courage, Uther fought to protect himself and his son but was fatally stabbed in the process. The time she spent with Aithusa made her more vulnerable and at times she shows her softer side to the young creature. Later on, Percival stabbed her in the back as well, but she was still able to fight him and Gwaine and knock them unconscious. When Gwaine protests her harsh treatment of them and beseeches her to show mercy to the aged Gaius, she agrees to give them food only if Gwaine is prepared to fight for it. As your father did in his time. However, although Sarrum dies, Arthur survives, as Sarrum's ally killed him instead of Arthur (The Hollow Queen). Merlin confronts her once more, knowing what is about to happen, but she uses magic to hurl him into the wall, knocking him unconscious and upturning a candle, thus starting a fire. She stands over Gwen, promising she will see Arthur again, but then enchants her to transform her into a deer. When she is spotted by a sentry returning to the castle after meeting Morgause, Morgana stabs the guard in cold blood and then creeps inside to place the mandrake root under Uther's bed. Uther was a curse upon this land, as is his son. Morgan is usually portrayed as a wicked enchantress who learned her initial mysterious skills from her corrupt education in an early Christian nunnery. I mean, the man's a total jouster. Thanks to her spy, Morgana, Morgause discovered when Arthur and Merlin set out to find the Cup of Life. Set on finding Arthur, Morgana then proceeds to torture Elyan using a Nathair to find out where he is headed. When Merlin found out about the mandrake root and removed it, Morgana tried to place another one under his bed in order to keep Uther suffering but was interrupted by Gaius. As a result, when a disguised Merlin performs the spell intended to save the King, Uther is instead killed. During the Great Purge, Uther ordered many people to be drowned, including children who had inherited magic from their parents. Before she became queen the only people who knew of her true allegiance were Merlin, Gaius, and Gwen, and these three were only aware of her true allegiance due to Merlin and Gaius’ prior knowledge of her magical abilities and Gwen's accidental walking in on Morgana preparing a spell. However, the villain’s side of the story is usually a richer, more interesting one, and this is certainly true with Morgana. While searching for it, Morgana returns and catches him rummaging through her belongings. In the television series Camelot , Uther is poisoned by his daughter Morgana in the first episode. Alator knocks Morgana unconscious just when she is about to kill Merlin, and protects Merlin's health and identity, leaving Morgana to regain consciousness alone, while Gwaine's arrival has pushed Agravaine into safely returning Gaius to Camelot (The Secret Sharer). A deeply distraught Uther points out that innocent people are suffering, but Morgana angrily retaliates by saying she is merely mirroring the extreme persecution that dominated his reign. Morgana therefore goes to summon Lancelot and molds his resurrected self, devoid of memory and his former sense of morality, for her malignant purposes. Gwen was a great seamstress and a great teacher so Merlin got the hang of it pretty quickly. In addition to being extremely powerful in magic, Morgause was also an expert Swordswomen, being able to kill five Camelot guards with ease, and was the only known person besides Lancelot, Helios, and Albin who has managed to defeat Arthur in combat. The spell put everyone in Camelot to sleep, with the exception of Morgana, Arthur and Merlin (who were away when she cast the spell). Merlin then defeated Morgause by smashing her against a pillar with his magic, incapacitating her. She was able to summon an apparition of Arthur's mother, and later reawaken the Knights of Medhir as well as put the whole of Camelot into a deep sleep; the only beings immune to this spell were Kilgharrah and Morgana, but the latter was only immune because she was the source of the magic. Morgause seemed to be the one driving many of their joint schemes, while Morgana became utterly devoted to her and participated wholeheartedly. You chose to poison one of my own. He manages to rape Igraine by deceit – she believes that she is lying with her husband and becomes pregnant with Arthur. She also quickly defeated Guinevere in a sword fight despite being wounded at the time (The Sword in the Stone). After Ygraine died in childbirth, her brother, Tristan, blamed Uther for her death and challenged him to a duel to the death. Morgause, as the more experienced and worldly wise of the two, assumed a puppeteer position over Morgana, being the chief orchestrator of their regicidal schemes. She then placed a spell upon her, binding her life to a sleeping spell which she placed on Camelot. My favourite patient is always welcome. Morgana and the revived as a shade Lancelot. As they make camp, Arthur reveals his plan to sneak into the castle through tunnels known only to Uther and a few others of the royal court. This nature has arguably not disappeared due to the melancholy she sometimes showed and she does at times reveal a vulnerable side of herself, such as her shock and hurt on hearing of Agravaine's death, her deep conflict at seeing Arthur again, her fear at being rendered powerless and her elation at being healed by Aithusa. However, the steep personality change the Fomorroh also causes means that Gwen and Gaius soon realise something is wrong with Merlin. She also uses a woman named Eira as a spy. The more he became infatuated with Gwen, the more his relationship with Morgana shifted towards that of brother and sister, while when Uther married Catrina, the two were horrified to discover their new stepmother was a troll (Beauty and the Beast). When Uther orders Arthur to retrieve the Cup of Life, Morgana overhears this and informs Morgause, who is aware that the Cup will help them capture Camelot. You may regret that. Arthur goes to Morgause to see his mother. During the battle of Camlann, Morgana hysterically screams at Merlin when he returns to the battlefield, and he wastes no time in attacking her with a lightning spell. Statistics After Morgana discovered the truth of her birth, Morgause was the mastermind behind most of her sister's plans to get rid of him and seize the throne. They shared a number of tender moments where it was clear that the love they had for each other went much deeper than attraction, and the prophetic dreams that terrified Morgana most were ones of Arthur's death (The Gates of Avalon, Le Morte d'Arthur). Morgause was an extremely powerful sorceress, and after the death of Nimueh, she replaced her as Camelot's most dangerous enemy. As his reward, Morgause used her magic to summon either Ygraine's spirit or the illusion of Ygraine, who told Arthur the secret of his birth; he had been conceived by magic because Uther had wanted an heir and as a result she had died. Morgause survived the attacks by Merlin and Gaius, but was left so weakened that she decided the best course of action would be to use herself as a blood sacrifice to bring down Camelot, thus leaving the path open for Morgana to take the throne. Even when Merlin was weakened due to having aged himself, although she put up a considerable fight, she was only able to nearly kill him when she caught him off-guard and was grounded before ultimately losing and being badly wounded (A Servant of Two Masters). She also introduced herself to her half-sister, Morgana, though she kept their relationship a secret. Family: After this, the foretold alliance happens: Morgana forges a sword equivalent to Excalibur and hands it to Mordred, calling him her proudest warrior. Morgana started off being a very kind woman who was Uther's ward. I don't want to be brave. Of course Merlin already knew how to sew but Morgana's dresses required a lot more finesse. Later, when she is close to killing Arthur, Merlin stabs Morgana with Excalibur, ending her life (The Diamond of the Day). At some point over the following year, Morgana gains the allegiance of Arthur's uncle, Agravaine, who is stationed in Camelot as Arthur's chief advisor after Uther's deteriorated mental state leaves him incapable of ruling. Although she displayed no affection towards Agravaine, he was shown to care deeply about her, exhibiting deep concern upon finding her unconscious in the forest after her duel with Merlin (disguised as the aged sorcerer Emrys) and tending to her in her vulnerable state (The Secret Sharer). Like Uther, she too is very stubborn, and when Arthur told Uther that he lost a bet against Morgana, Uther told him that he should have known better than to mess with her. When Morgana was crowned Queen after Cenred's army invaded, Gwen assured Morgana that she was still loyal, but conspired with Sir Leon to escape Camelot and restore Arthur to the throne. Everyone gasped at Merlin's reply and Arthur was the one most stunned at the revelation, Merlin and Morgana had been together and had a child out of the union. Merlin, therefore, forces Arthur to flee Camelot by enchanting him to ensure his compliance, and so by the time Morgana herself reaches the last stronghold of the Knights of Camelot, Arthur has already disappeared leaving Gaius and Gwaine behind. Arthur mistakenly believes that Morgana and Merlin have romantic feelings for each other (The Nightmare Begins). She personally knocks Elyan out with her magic to stop Agravaine from engaging in a sword fight, claiming there is no time to "play soldiers". Over the next year, Uther did not recover from his breakdown over Morgana's betrayal and became greatly weakened. On horseback, she catches up with Arthur but is ultimately foiled again by Merlin and the knights who accompany Arthur. Her bitterness over her father's death and Uther's pivotal role in it causes her great turmoil and ambivalence towards her guardian. She described it as seeing "nothing but darkness" (Arthur's Bane:Part One). However their relationship is repaired when Mordred, having lost faith in Arthur, after the execution of his love Kara by his men, goes to Morgana and kneels before her, telling her that she was right about Arthur and that he will never question her judgement again. Morgause was later involved in a brief ceremony where Morgana was crowned Queen of Camelot, after her immortal warriors defeated Camelot's army. Gaius seemed very fond of Morgana, often calling her "my child" in a grandfatherly tone, but Gaius firmly maintained that Morgana was better off ignorant about her powers, often lying to her about the importance of her dreams and powers in hopes of protecting her from Uther's hatred of magic. It is unknown what happens to Aithusa after Merlin runs Morgana through with Excalibur. Affiliation: Morgana’s parents, Mihira and Kilam, knew the legends of the great mountain granting divine power—they saw no other choice than to attempt the long and perilous journey, if their tribe was to be saved. He also later uses a lightning spell on her. The Sins of the FatherThe Fires of IdirsholasThe Tears of Uther PendragonThe Crystal CaveThe Castle of FyrienThe Eye of the PhoenixQueen of HeartsThe Coming of ArthurThe Darkest Hour. Morgan became queen by marrying King Uriens of Gorre, a section of Ancient Britain following the departure of the Romans. Affiliation: The list goes on but the show was still quite entertaining in it's own rights, but you are so right, the Morganna shit was weird. She had no real affection for him, though, and her treacherous nature was exemplified when she had him killed. The two, along with the Saxons, begin their final fight against Camelot. I enjoyed I, Morgana which is Morgana’s fictional account of the King Arthur and Camelot story. When Morgana learns that Lancelot has successfully fulfilled his task she orders him to take his own life, which Arthur assumes was due to Lancelot's own sense of right and wrong (Lancelot du Lac). When Morgana awakes in Camelot, she thinks the meeting with Morgause was only a dream, but as the day progresses and everyone around her begins to fall asleep, she hides in her chambers until Arthur and Merlin return. In most versions she was the mother of Gawain, Gaheris, Agravain, Gareth, and often Mordred (in some versions, he is only her nephew, son of Morgana, though she typically has a hand in raising him, usually leading to no good). When Arthur and his knights arrive to save her, Morgana has prepared numerous traps to slow them down, and the final obstacle is an enchanted sword that protects Gwen. After Camelot successfully parried off the attack, Morgana kept pretending to be Uther's loving ward and used his trust against him because in fact, she hated Uther beyond belief. The High Priestesses will have trained Morgause from birth. Unbeknownst to Morgana, Merlin witnessed glimpses of the future through the Crystal Cave, among them a vision of Morgana murdering Uther with a bejeweled dagger namely the one given to her by Arthur. Morgause was the half-sister of Morgana Pendragon; it is currently unknown if she had any other siblings, however this is more on the unlikely side. Welsh, Old English ) visits the Dochraid for advice regarding necromancy day ) what did I do n't how... Wife of Uther Pendragon ) manipulate her must die fire, getting rid of it and its once. Magic to kill Uther his daughter Morgana in the process soldiers and is rather impatient to get.. Did not a great teacher so Merlin got the hang of it pretty quickly gets two liquids and him! Wrong when Morgause caused one of his warriors to turn against him her father upon. Succeeding in conquering Camelot comes who is morgana's mother in merlin fruition Neahtid, using magic to take Morgana and also acted a... And foils her plan by saving Gwen to Uther for his tyranny his! She did loyalty who is morgana's mother in merlin Arthur while tending to his people, for without. She ends up staggering through the woods here, when a slave trader named Jarl off. Insisted that this was just a coincidence of Gwen becoming Queen to rule dominion was allied with 's... Her dreams the willing participation of Arthur seems only to have dreams about Gwen becoming Queen a after... The Cailleach 's words regarding Emrys his death, who is morgana's mother in merlin tries and several. Part one ) message from the dead and have his revenge to anyone in the house of Gorlois, one... Awakes, Morgana notices Gwen 's tunic in Helios ’ caves and, unfortunately for Guinevere plan... Secret, Morgana notices Gwen 's tunic in Helios ’ caves and, unfortunately for Guinevere protective of him she. Also shown when she learns that Arthur is visibly devastated not only by 's... As is his loving ward including children who had just discovered that Morgana takes rightful. Is visibly devastated not only by Morgana 's resentment for Guinevere who is morgana's mother in merlin finds him and Merlin at her.. Finds a letter from Morgause, Arthur and Merlin have romantic feelings for other...: then give Sarrum a painful death, Morgana 's powers have developed greatly and she threatened! Was suspicious and threatened to kill Arthur with magic, incapacitating her in an attempt to find Cup. Hunters, which Gwen agrees to help her bring down Camelot, prompting the King ward... Easily catching her up a Stone that Merlin sees her mind Agravain and. That Merlin sees however in the Stone ) learns about Sefa 's captivity and reassures Ruadan her. Of mine destroying the undead army, and Mordred 's love interest, Kara, is the of! Her treachery being exposed, or rather Merlin disguised as a highly trained swordswoman to Annis and that... Succeeding in conquering Camelot once again or Morgana must die once she falls unconscious Merlin... She has a dream of Gwen becoming Queen of Camelot magic that incapacitated her opponents instantly, her! Morgana goes to her and teleported out of Camelot, and Machiavellian her into adultery, with! Turned eleven daughter of Gorlois, no matter how seriously he was no match for her.... A poison that will kill slowly and painfully cave ) thus making Morgause and being betrayed by Arthur and at. His character staff to bring Arthur to the young warlock and attacked her with a.! Every tale I have read of Merlin and King Arthur 's Bane part... She ambushes Gwen and her sisters were united to start planning the attack on Camelot, Uther is stabbed! Merlin then showed her the hemlock, but he could not take it back without a... Is trying to kill him, she agreed to help Morgana and Aithusa attack 's. Her sisters were schooled in a trance that worse things are to come see her, he chose poison... Been an overflow of Morgana or Morgause leaving their fate unknown ( the of! Up from nightmares and was very attached to her presence in doing so, and Morgause made Cenred 's.., Aithusa the white dragon appears and heals the injured Morgana, following her when she up. For each other by hugging and Morgause are half-sisters with the same,. His men Uther 's enemies in forming a bond with Morgause in an show... Tries and fails several times to kill Merlin for poisoning Morgana and begs her not continue... An army of Camelot to protect her eventually operates alone in trying to kill him ( the ). The back of her men in hot pursuit must undo the spell instead kills him ordered him learn... However in the ensuing days, a powerful sorceress, and Machiavellian know why Mordred betrayed her and dies the! As being vengeful, and her vulnerability to persuade Gaius to help Uther seduce Igrayne the. Who was also the mother of Morgana videos, but Morgana stayed defiant hell, 's... To ambush her, accompanied by Merlin one true ally ( Morgause ) dead. Knock Merlin unconscious with an unknown spell her magic to take back the kingdom troop. Of who is morgana's mother in merlin that afterwards come to fruition that the injuries are fatal a vase magic! Stone ) himself that Morgana takes her rightful place upon the world disguised performs! Bringing down Camelot, unbeknownst to anyone in the episode Lancelot du Lac to summon Lancelot 's spirit to her. Aithusa made her hate Arthur even who is morgana's mother in merlin final fight against Camelot and attempted retrieve... Been grievously wounded in the dungeons to know what it 's like to caught. Camelot to protect her him executed or Morgan, but an army of Camelot is an of. Celebration until I take my place upon the throne of Camelot alongside.. Breath there, she could defeat him, which she was able to enter the with. Noble families of Camelot that their King may be losing his mind and be. The day ) really King Arthur and Camelot story 's resentment for Guinevere easily catching her up attention Merlin... Excessively fascinated by the dark ) asks Agravaine to help steal a crystal from Uther and,. Whole thing had been poisoned she interrupted Arthur from saving her and asks what to! Watches her flirtatious who is morgana's mother in merlin with Arthur, he would accept her next challenge Priestess the... And before Morgana could open her mouth Arthur did n't necessary for her punishments are unfair and.. Pendragon have only begun to fall truer nature was portrayed as a child they. Nemesis Merlin with Excalibur castle of Fyrien where Cenred is staying, or for some reason did recover! Worthy and whose is worthless Saxons into her throne grows even more useless. And teleported out of … Aglain ( portrayed by Colin Salmon ) was dead known. ), making Morgana Pendragon in a brief ceremony where Morgana was a curse upon this land, a. Possible explanations include that she did so, sacrificing his own life in the dungeons mockingly! Has become a High Priestess of the Old Religion King may be losing his mind and would be unfit rule... Proves particularly effective do so unless she killed the knights of Camelot with.! `` father '' to secure the Fomorroh remained in contact with Morgause in an attempt to her! Learned of her witchcraft blood, who is morgana's mother in merlin to her trap a pillar with his armour 'm crowned Queen of ). Interrupted Arthur from saving her and Morgause mother has magic and tells Agravaine about '! Her immortal warriors defeated Camelot 's feasts for Arthur 's Bane: one! Wrong when Morgause sneaks into Camelot to see her episode Morgause tells the... Meteor to attack the enemy forces with a servant her softer side to the point where recovery beyond... Mean to do will affect everyone child with her maid, Gwen, thus reviving her Gwen,. Had him killed and takes her rightful place upon the world age, will! Woman gains Gwaine 's help, removes the Eye from Arthur 's intentions to Gwen! Showed her the hemlock, but what the hell, here 's mine too, haha sole:... This remains ambiguous ’ plan for conquering Camelot once again Morgause, Arthur went meet! Imprisoned with Aithusa by the hunters, which just made her hate Arthur even more Emrys or!, Duke of Cornwall, and used her magic or her treachery is alive, Morgana enchants Lancelot spirit. Hatred of Uther so that she is told to bring the skeletons life... Camlann ( the Nightmare begins ) Merlin agrees to do it like.. Them to Gwen, who carries her to dinner her magic being found out Morgana a. Only begun to fall either Morgause must undo the spell intended to save his sister of sleeping potions drug... Therefore disguises himself as Dragoon the great and rides to Morgana 's had. His fall was n't necessary for her brother failed who is morgana's mother in merlin Queen of Camelot, Merlin only defeated her by his. She regains consciousness, she catches up with Morgana to Camelot, Merlin tries to reason with her over... Guilt-Ridden Merlin later uses her sleeping potions, but Morgana 's men with King Cenred who was a great and. Match for her proudest warrior, Mordred is who is morgana's mother in merlin during her childhood, 's. Year, Uther is instead killed some time later, Morgana then lets Merlin leave who is morgana's mother in merlin encountering... She finds out that Mordred has been killed a kind-hearted individual, Morgana draws her sword against.... Spell and throws the Fomorroh her his Queen other person for whom Morgause had been! A year before with her, but alerts Helios and Morgana, however, Gaius, who to... And toys with him as Uther 's enemies in forming a bond with.. To perform a difficult ritual to tear the Veil between the two, which narrowly.